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Pending for 2 months. Kudat posting starting...

I have so many things to discuss. But i have a little time. Tommorow i will start my Community Posting in Kudat. back to doing some serious research again. i don't like research. But i will try to enjoy my time there.  Thus, there will be no progress then in this blog. Haha. see ya. Busy busy. 


Well, I am a total music guy. Not saying I am a musician, but I play music and the most important thing, I listen to music all day long. I listen to music when I drive, during my meal, when I woke up in the morning, when I went to sleep, if my bathroom have radio maybe I will listen to music when I use the bathroom or toilet also. I am a big fan of any kind of music. I have to admit that previously, I was a hip hop fan and loyal, I listen to only hip hop music and I look down on other genre of music. Forgive me for being like that but that was my past. Growing up with different type of friends, places and culture make me more versatile. I started to listen to any kind of music today and I am having a lot of fun like this. Just name it, I listen to Eminem, Britney, katty perry, Leona lewis, kitaro, Kenny G, enya, bjork, Statik, bunkface, siti nurhaliza, VE, laila’s lounge, peter pan, letto, and so on. I never put myself in a position where I need to discriminate a genre of music. For me

Lucy Knight

I am watching the old show of ER. So far, this is the most real show of real life in medicine (well said! ). I am not a big fan of ER, but this episode really attract me. Why? Because the show I am watching right now is a show regarding a new 3rd year student entering the practical year for the very first time. Well, in this episode, it show how medical doctor giving the medical student a tour around the Emergency Room and then assign them to a house officer or intern, thenthe student have the chance to clerk a patient order by the intern and also all the other doctors keep asking the student to follow them. It was a real warm condition to study, like that. Once, the intern ask the student to set an IV line and the student was really blur and later ask a nurse to teach her. The student name is Lucy Knight. Looking at her in the TV make me feel like I am watching myself during my first day in the hospital ( but I am a boy instead). I did not know how many time I have to


1. well, i'm still using dial up connection here in my home. people would say we are old timer, change to streamyx la, don't live in stone age.... do people realize what is wrong with streamyx so called malaysia's no.1 broadband provider? All right, we already subscribe for streamyx.. but where is it? Called them and they said we are on the waiting list.... until when? Don't know. Then i look up in the internet and ask some of my friend using tmnet streamyx. their comment? Dissapointing.. I've try celcom broadband, it is quite sucks also. Sometimes got connection, sometimes cannot. Fluctuation. but at least they don't have to be in waiting list. I am still thinking whether to use streamyx or celcom broadband.

Since the last

1. I'm getting a little slower in producing good writing today. I don't know why i like to write in numbers today. Almost every blog entries of mine have this kind of numbered sentences. I should go back to the past writing skills of mine. 2. I was pretty busy doing my best in last week ENT exams. I'm a little disappointed in Nose Examination station. I did not practice much in examining the nose i guess. And also, my previous ENT doctor who left us told to us that we can use otoscope to examine the nose. But during exam, there is otoscope but the other doctor guarding the station said that we must not use the otoscope, only to use when there is no other light sources. I'm very lousy at that station. The other station was quite ok. There is one station where the otoscope is running out of batteries and i had to rush and ask the staff to change it for me, and i pretty sure i wasted 3 minutes out of 10 minutes in that station. Did anyone really understand what i'm ta

Megahkan Bahasa Melayu

Seribu maaf atas kesalahan pengejaan beberapa perkataan di warkah lepas. Saya kurang gemar melakukan penulisan awal sebelum menpamerkannya di laman blog saya. Oleh itu, segala kesilapan itu, hanya maaf yang mampu saya ucapkan. Menyambung kepada cerita saya di warkah kepas berkenaan bahasa melayu. Jika kita lihat negara india, bahasa rasmi mereka adalah bahasa inggeris. namun, pernahkan ada orang india yang tidak tahu berbahasa india di India? Pada pendapat saya, jika mata pelajaran sains dan matematik di ajar dalam bahasa inggeris di sekolah, ia tidak akan memperngaruhi tutur kata seseorang itu. Amatlah mustahil jika kita bayangkan seorang budak tidak faham bahasa ahli keluarganya yang lain di rumah kerana mereka menggunakan bahasa inggeris di sekolah. Dua hari lepas, saya berjumpa seorang pesakit berasal dari perancis. Pada pengetahuan saya, orang peranchis bukan jenis orang yang tertarik menggunakan bahasa inggeris malah bagi mereka, bertutur dalam bahasa inggeris seperti memaluk

Megahkan Bahasa Melayu

Bahasa Melayu sememangnya satu bahasa yang indah. satu bahasa yang tidak senang untuk lenyap di dunia ini kerana sifatnya yang boleh menerima suku kata dan perkataan daripada bahasa lain ( Versatile ). Apa yang saya ingin ketengahkan di dalam warkah saya kali ini adalah berkenaan tentang penggunaan bahasa melayu dalam pengajaran sains dan matematik. Sana sini memperkatakan tentang keruntuhan bahasa melayu dan penegahan penggunaan bahasa inggeris di sekolah. Di mana masalahnya? Sebagai seorang yang juga mencintai bahasa melayi sejak dulu lagi, saya sangat tidak berpuas hati apabila sesetengah pihak nampaknya mula untuk mempolitikkan perkara ini... Secara jujur, hidup saya pada hari ini, untuk kebanyakan masa saya menggunakan bahasa inggeris untuk berkomunikasi. Hidup dalam dunia perubatan, bahasa melayu langusng tidak dipandang. Bukan bermakna mereka merendahkan bahasa melayu, tetapi untuk kepentingan sains seluruh dunia. Jika kita lihat keapda Bahasa inggeris dalam dunia perubatan