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Pending for 2 months. Kudat posting starting...

I have so many things to discuss. But i have a little time. Tommorow i will start my Community Posting in Kudat. back to doing some serious research again. i don't like research. But i will try to enjoy my time there.  Thus, there will be no progress then in this blog. Haha. see ya. Busy busy. 

Since the last

1. I'm getting a little slower in producing good writing today. I don't know why i like to write in numbers today. Almost every blog entries of mine have this kind of numbered sentences. I should go back to the past writing skills of mine. 2. I was pretty busy doing my best in last week ENT exams. I'm a little disappointed in Nose Examination station. I did not practice much in examining the nose i guess. And also, my previous ENT doctor who left us told to us that we can use otoscope to examine the nose. But during exam, there is otoscope but the other doctor guarding the station said that we must not use the otoscope, only to use when there is no other light sources. I'm very lousy at that station. The other station was quite ok. There is one station where the otoscope is running out of batteries and i had to rush and ask the staff to change it for me, and i pretty sure i wasted 3 minutes out of 10 minutes in that station. Did anyone really understand what i'm tal