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Lucy Knight

I am watching the old show of ER. So far, this is the most real show of real life in medicine (well said! ). I am not a big fan of ER, but this episode really attract me. Why? Because the show I am watching right now is a show regarding a new 3rd year student entering the practical year for the very first time.

Well, in this episode, it show how medical doctor giving the medical student a tour around the Emergency Room and then assign them to a house officer or intern, thenthe student have the chance to clerk a patient order by the intern and also all the other doctors keep asking the student to follow them. It was a real warm condition to study, like that.

Once, the intern ask the student to set an IV line and the student was really blur and later ask a nurse to teach her. The student name is Lucy Knight. Looking at her in the TV make me feel like I am watching myself during my first day in the hospital ( but I am a boy instead).

I did not know how many time I have told this story about our first time in the hospital. I think I have written about it in this blog archives. Still I want to tell everyone about it.
It was totally not the same as shown in ER drama I am watching now in the TV!

As Lucy Knight is introduced to all the doctor around the hospital by a doctor assign to do that work, we all have to introduced ourselves to everyone in the ward during our first day. No one seems to bother about us that day.

As lucy Knight is having a talk with a nurse or even a nurse still aware of her existence, we all were invisible during our first day. No one even a nurse care about us. We walk into the ward, meet the Sister in charge, then she asked us to do whatever we want.

As Lucy Knight was blurred on what to do, we were same. During first day, we did not know what to do. I guess everyone does not know what to do during the first day of everything.
As doctor keep asking Lucy Knight to follow them see their patient, we were told to stay away and even give up medicine and go home during our first week in hospital.

As Lucy Knight were told to clerk a patient, we all had to clerk a patient on our own without someone told us to, we were more proactive then.

As Lucy Knight have a chance to give her opinion to the doctor, we were all invisible as I said before.

The point is, watching at Lucy Knight, I was wondering on who will I be today. I could be a very competent student. A very good future doctor. Our experience will shape us a little bit make us a little more stronger in the future. But in term of study, I think Lucy Knight study much more than us.

I really want to have a good teacher to teach me as shown in that ER show. I guess that does not exist. But I really think it do because that show was created by Micheal Crichton. He is a medical doctor and a writer. He must be reflecting himself in that show.

In conclusion, I think Malaysian doctor does not really have that kind of warmness and enthusiasm to teach. Even though, this only reflect to one or two doctors. I am really thankful to so many doctor who are willing to teach us during their working time. I think, in 10, there must be 8 people who are willing to teach and 2 does not. But I will remember more on the two, the negativity inside me is piling up.

Thank you. Hehe.

p/s: I remember there is one doctor named, Dr.Hasnida… or something. She has a long hair and is local. I don’t know where she is now. She must be a medical officer already. She teach me a lot, and I love her attitude like a senior, a sister, a friend or something like that.

And I also remember Dr.Siti, she is so kind when I’m doing my surgical posting. She loved to ask us to give up medicine, but she still kind.

So many other doctor to mention like Dr.faruq, dr. Lawrence, dr. ryna, dr.flora, all doctor from UNIMAS especially because all of them was so kind to us. I don’t know how to thank them. All of them must be on their way to become a specialist or something. Wish them good luck.

To the doctor that is so ego and rude…. Ahaha… north worth mentioning, I will try to keep a step up from them later, I will. Thanks for inspiring. Haha.


  1. Ha. Baru aku tau Michael Crichton tu creator ER, selama ni aku kenal dia sebab Jurassic Park ja. :p

    I think, in 10, there must be 8 people who are willing to teach and 2 does not. But I will remember more on the two, the negativity inside me is piling up.

    This is interesting... teruk sgtkah yang 2 orang tu? Since they're obviously the exception, and not the rule.

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