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1. I'm getting a little slower in producing good writing today. I don't know why i like to write in numbers today. Almost every blog entries of mine have this kind of numbered sentences. I should go back to the past writing skills of mine.

2. I was pretty busy doing my best in last week ENT exams. I'm a little disappointed in Nose Examination station. I did not practice much in examining the nose i guess. And also, my previous ENT doctor who left us told to us that we can use otoscope to examine the nose. But during exam, there is otoscope but the other doctor guarding the station said that we must not use the otoscope, only to use when there is no other light sources. I'm very lousy at that station. The other station was quite ok. There is one station where the otoscope is running out of batteries and i had to rush and ask the staff to change it for me, and i pretty sure i wasted 3 minutes out of 10 minutes in that station. Did anyone really understand what i'm talking here? Haha. I hope there is. I'm sure there is.

3. I went to the museum last week friday. It's kind of not so interesting journey since it was raining heavily and me and my girlfriend was so wet inside the rain. Wrong timing. Anyhoo, i would not forget that day.

In the museum, i was so fascinated to read about history. I guess i like history so much that is why i love Dan Brown writings, i'm reading History of Islam, and also i like going to historical place like museum. There i read so much about Sabah history. Then, something come into my mind. My grandfather was a Ketua Anak Negeri in labuan once around 1978. But then, the history of him was missing and no where to be found. The remaining is only history that is past orally from generation to generation. I'm the third. I try to search in the internet but i couldn't found anything. So i am thinking now, how do i search for it? I have picture of him, or not, and i'm planning to put it in the museum. he is one of the great and well known people in labuan. His name is Pangeran Salleh bin Pangeran Hashim. I really don't want the story of him faded in time.
If anyone know how to revive his history, well, tell me please.

4. When i was doing my paediatric posting a few months ago, i took some picture from my hospital's surau and i forgot where i put it. Today i found it and I'm sharing it with everyone. It was a very beautiful picture showing Northen part of Kota Kinabalu (Sepanggar area). This place is growing so fast and they said it will be the next city of KK instead of the old KK today where most of the places contaminated by immigrants. I guess Sepanggar also will be contaminated soon.

This picture showing KingFisher and also UMS. Very far away there. can see or not? Just near the hill. hahaha. Got 1 borneo there. Everything is beautiful if you were there taking the picture. Should buy a good camera later then.



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