1. well, i'm still using dial up connection here in my home. people would say we are old timer, change to streamyx la, don't live in stone age....

do people realize what is wrong with streamyx so called malaysia's no.1 broadband provider?

All right, we already subscribe for streamyx.. but where is it? Called them and they said we are on the waiting list.... until when? Don't know.

Then i look up in the internet and ask some of my friend using tmnet streamyx. their comment? Dissapointing..

I've try celcom broadband, it is quite sucks also. Sometimes got connection, sometimes cannot. Fluctuation. but at least they don't have to be in waiting list.

I am still thinking whether to use streamyx or celcom broadband.


  1. if speed being a factor to compare between streamyx and celcom broadband, streamyx will be win...

    but streamyx really make me disappointed...

    know why?

    last week, we can't get through to the internet for 2 days... they something down here and there... and sometimes the speed decreasing. I mean like hell la... better use mega lab my heart said...


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