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Approach On Educating Patient

There are different type of patient. One could have a PhD, or diploma, or a medical staff, and one could never been into a school for life. Approaching a patient sometimes could be difficult to do. A lot of medical staff, and medical student are approaching the patient or a community by going to the patient level of education.  Almost all the books, or lecturer would say ‘be the same level as the patient so that they could understand’ or whatsoever and almost all medical student and medical staff take this words like a gospel . I have seen many people educating a rural community by getting into that level where they are the same as the people that are educating. For example, when talking about tetanus, so make people understand here in Sabah setting (where I am right now), they would say tetanus is like a seizure, or fits. While in my opinion, this is two different things.  This would not make so much impact in the outcome of the patient but in long term perspective this could be d

Leadership Theory

1. Dato' Seri Najib has become our prime minister. I'm so impress because i have been through 3 leadership now in Malaysia. It's a long time for me. haha.  2. So until currently, there are 3 prime minister since i was born. Dr.Mahathir, Pak Lah, and now Dato Najib. What's the difference between the three of them? I guess, there is a lot of differences. But from what i can see, politics in Malaysia becoming more unstable and unstable everyday.  3. Just after Dato Najib became Prime Minister, BN lose 2 small election. It was shocking since  I thought people don't like Tun Abdullah so that they vote the opposition. But then i realize now that people don't hate Tun Abdullah, they hate BN. People don't have trust on BN anymore.  4. Why is it like this? For me, let us go to the root of the problem. Leardership wise, i have to admit that there is no 100% leader practicing leadership skills nowadays. Does not matter when we talk about America, Indonesia, or even Mal