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Leadership Theory

1. Dato' Seri Najib has become our prime minister. I'm so impress because i have been through 3 leadership now in Malaysia. It's a long time for me. haha. 

2. So until currently, there are 3 prime minister since i was born. Dr.Mahathir, Pak Lah, and now Dato Najib. What's the difference between the three of them? I guess, there is a lot of differences. But from what i can see, politics in Malaysia becoming more unstable and unstable everyday. 

3. Just after Dato Najib became Prime Minister, BN lose 2 small election. It was shocking since  I thought people don't like Tun Abdullah so that they vote the opposition. But then i realize now that people don't hate Tun Abdullah, they hate BN. People don't have trust on BN anymore. 

4. Why is it like this? For me, let us go to the root of the problem. Leardership wise, i have to admit that there is no 100% leader practicing leadership skills nowadays. Does not matter when we talk about America, Indonesia, or even Malaysia, the leader has become a person who have power only. And to have power and rule is two different things. 

5. They are a few type of leader in this leader. One type of leader is a leader who think that they have power and by enforcing a strict law and force people to follow their decision make them look like a leader. A type of leader like this is like Hitler or whoever leader you hate in this world. But we must not said that this kind of leader is not a good leader because history proof that they conqueer the world more than the other type of leader. However, the consequences is, people hate them, forever, if not all, most of the people labelled this kind of leader as a devil. Authocratic leader. 

If we go back to Islamic history which i like to refer because so many thing we can learn from Islamic History, we will go the Khalifa Ar-rasyidin time period. Where Saiyidina Umar was a Khalifa. As we all know, Sayidina Umar is a very strict leader. No one can offend him. He will not tolerate the opposition. And what he had done make Islam world so powerful and peaceful. This is an example of the correct way of using this kind of leadership. But then, what happen is the opposite thing. When sayidinia Umar past away, people who had to accept the strict life during his period try to bring the restriction away. They stand up and then the Khalifa Osman and Ali time period was a chaos. As Sayidina Umar is no more to rule, people rule themselves and never listen to their new Khalifa. 

6. Another type of leader is a tolerable leader. A leader who can tolerate and so open to the opposing side. This type of leader can be called Mr.Nice Guy as called to Tun Abdullah. Tun Abdullah tolerate and open to everyone. The good part is people does not feel restrict and he was seen as a good role model to everyone. However, the problem arise in this kind of leader when people trying to step on their head. Trying to rule themselves and look at the leader as weak and hopeless. This problem could crush the whole system of leadership and I believe that this kind of leader, even if they good, they will not last long. When we go back to Islamic History, this kind of leader is like Sayidina Uthman. He was a very nice leader but when he was so nice, people try to get out and don't want to accept him as a leader and also some people dare to demand a land for themselves to rule. Same as what happen when Tun Abdulah was ruling Malaysia. 

7. Another type of leader, is a leader who is strict but in the same time emphaty to his people. This kind of leader is hard to found and i hope the new prime minister could be like this. Instead of just enforcing law and make people follow it, this kind of leader will think in the position of the people, how hard people have to follow his decision and make decision based on the ability of the people to follow. 

8. I think another type of leader i would mention here is a leader where he use a power to lead not to lead with power. This is a very dangerous type of leader. This kind of leader will try to find and search for power and then using the numerous power, he will make himself a leader by force, or by the power he has, it can't be called force anymore. 

9. No matter how much type of leader in this world, people would always know which one is a good leader by instict. If people feel that the leader is to strict and does not listen to the voices of people or they did listen but they have to force themselves to listen, this is not a good leader. 

A good leader for me is a leader where people feel comfortable and feel that they were appreciated by the leader, and the leader always being in the same level of the people. 

10. I read regarding Elizabeth Wong where she told the people not to call her YB because she said that she was the 'kuli' of the people make sense. A leader, is a 'kuli' of people. 

When asked to a leader, he must always said that his people are his bos and when his people were asked, they will say definitely our leader is the bos. 


  1. itu la. heheh.

    kalau aku, aku kasi dulu najib tu peluang, kalau dia sux nanti, suruh dia turun la, apa susah.

    tapi aku hormat gila sama Abdullah,
    sebab dia dgn rela hati melepaskan jawatan dia.

    sebab ko tgk ah,
    di dunia ni, di mana lagi ada pemimpin negara yg turun dgn damai?

    negara lain, sampai merusuh, rampasan kuasa oleh tentera, ataupun mati dibunuh..

    tp itu la, BN kena kemmbalikan kepercayaan org kpd mereka.

  2. Beratnya dipilih menjadi pemimpin tu kalau semua orang tahu, memang tak ada siapa yang nak memimpin. YB2 yang dipilih tu kalau persepsinya dialah bos segala, itulah yang hancurnya. Macam kata Elizabeth tu, itulah yang sepatutnya. YB bukan sahaja yang Yang Berhormat, tetapi jugak Yang Berkhidmat.


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