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The way I like to travel.

1. I like to travel, even only for domestic travel, but still i like it. Because when we travel we can make our knowledge expand and increase our experience level. I should change the title for this entry to the way i don't like it to be when i travel. 2. You know, the first thing that i don't like when traveling is to have some local spending their time with me. You know what i mean? I mean, when you went into some place that is new for you, you would feel 'ahhh' or 'wow', but when you come to that place with a local, i guess the reaction would be less than that. Maybe someone would say ' it's nothing'. I remember when i went to Jong Crocodile farm, the local taxi driver that brought us there said to us " Nothing in this place to see, you can spend one hour is enough". What the hell. we are new to the place how should he know our reaction. we could feel a plain flower so beautiful in a brand new and strange place. And i remember when we ar

Cat Museum Kuching Sarawak

1. So today, we woke up late in the morning planning of not going anywhere but since the other girls in our group already went somewhere i don't know. So why do we have to stay here in the hostel doing nothing maybe we should go somewhere that we don't know. But where is that? I think it's something related with cat? Hahaha.. we already go to every kuching's Museum, so why don't we go to cat museum, a place so unique we haven't go before. 2. Take a bus ride to Kuching town cost us 1 ringgit, and i feel so hungry that i feel that i could bleed in my gastric, acidity to high. We went to saujana food court at the 5th floor of a car park. I wonder why every Kuching's restaurant situated on the top of car park. from top spot to saujana, could be more, should be right, i couldn't remember. It's a fine place to eat. Just normal Sarawak's malay food plus some indian stall but no chinese. Some chinese doing their business but still sell halal food so it

Eminem fever.

1. I am still in Eminem Fever right now. Almost every entry i wrote, i just think about Eminem. You all friends know me, I'm a big fan right. From St.anthony to SMSL ( where i get a lot of back stab and gossip because i love eminem). Now, after waiting for 4 years, he's back and how should i i hide my gladness that he is back? 2. I love writing and reading. Since i was in primary school, my Bahasa Melayu Essay always the top in my school. My english essay not quite good as that but i never got B for english. So i just love writing and also appreciate poet, some language art like that. That is maybe why i love good hip hop song because they have lot of word in it compare to other song which always repeat the first verse twice or a verse contain only two senteces. 3. I started writing when i was in secondary school after i was exposed to Eminem. I start writing rhyme and some sort of thing like that. It was a funny thing to feel like an emcee at that time. I dress hip hop and lov

Eminem Relapse Top up!

I'm relieved because my judgement on this album is by far correct. I've listen to it many times. -Comeback eminem has claimed the top spot on the U.K. album charts - becoming the fast-selling release in Britain this year (09). - -Not only does Detroit's favorite son claim the top spot of the week, the tally will be enough to score him the biggest opening sales week of 2009 so far, besting his interscope labelmates U2, whose "No Line on the Horizon" sold more than 480,000 copies earlier this year.- - According to chart reports issued Sunday, Eminem's "Relapse" is no.1 in the U.K. and also becomes the fast selling album to date this year. - - Eminem’s Relapse skyrocketed into the number 1 slot and Green Day’s latest album 21st Century Breakdown came in at number 2. - - Eminem's comeback album Relapse has stormed to the top of the UK charts, becoming the fastest seller of the year so far. - n

Jong Crocodile Farm, Sarawak

It was an half hour journey from Kuching Town to this crocodile farm. Bus ride cost me RM 5 one way. Worth it? well let us see. When we arrived at Jong Crocodile Farm the first shocking things that we had to pay Rm16 to enter. In the internet, it says that the entrace fee is Rm10 and what we found there, RM10 is only for sarawakian. No student price, and other Malaysian other than Sarawakian will have to pay RM16. What? I got a cheaper price for a same place like this in sabah. Rm5 for student in Tuaran Crocodile Farm in sabah. I was a little restricted economially now, so Rm16 is really inappropriate for me. Anyway, we did pay the entrace fee since we already went that far. So what is so interesting about this crocodile farm. below are the things i noted: 1. they have that big Bujang Senang skull, it's historical. 2. They have a lot of crocodile, i think much more than Tuaran, i don't know about Sandakan. 3. They have a really big crocs there. Honestly, when i saw that Crocs c

Memory of Marshall mathers LP

  1. A lot of people asked me, why i like Eminem so much? The reason is The Marshall Mathers LP.    What is The Marshall Mathers LP       It is the second album or Eminem released at the end of 1999 nearly 2000. It was like a sequence of Eminem's The Slim Shady LP which is the first LP of Eminem. He created Infinite EP before hitting the mainstream music industry.      When we say sequence, this album was produced in the middle of Eminem's controversy all over the world with his marriage issues, assault and drugs problem.      When Eminem's first international debut with The Slim Shady LP which is his first album, everyone attack this young rapper as an annoying, violence, double faced, murderer, serial killer and everything and his music rated XXXNo one must listenXXX to describe how violence and inappropriateness of the album in human culture.      However, Eminem came back with the second album which is The Marshall Mathers LP which raised more critics and contre

Let the Youth Grow

1. I do not have much time to write my blog right now. so excited doing my Elective posting in Kuching or more precisely Holiday in Kuching. 2. There is so beautiful place here in Kuching. Kuching is beautiful and a clean town. Clean in term of the rubbish and everything. 3. The unclean part is the youth or the teenager here in this town. Experiencing twice incident in first week i am here in Kuching is not so comfortable to me. The first incident is when I was riding my bus to my place in Medical College near the hospital. inside that bus, there is a teenager or maybe a guy around 20-25 years old sitting inside the bus and drinking alcohol. I supposed people like this doesn't suppose to ride a bus. he is very annoying and talk so much nonsense thing. The second incident is when I was sitting at waterfront Kuching and suddenly infront of me a group of boy and girls around 13-15 years old fighting each other using stick as weapon. So annoying thing to see when you are sitting with y

Swine Flu

1. Just came back from Kudat. Finally, I am free from that life.  2. Swine flu? bacause my place was Kudat is very hard to find internet, so i did not know about this flu thoroughly. Now i am studying on it. When i heard about it, people called it new virus, but i heard that name before on 1918. Its an old virus. But then i realized its a new type of virus because it combined a lot of gene inside. So, can we call it swine flu or not? I dont know.  3. Later...