Angels & Demons

I have read this book maybe one year ago or 2 years ago. It was really interesting. Second to Da vinci Code in my opinion.

Now the movie is coming out and people are crazy about it. You know sometime when you already read a book and it became a movie, your excitement is less than anyone else. Yet, you feel proud because you already know the storyline a year before others even know the story exist.

And you already judge the movie by saying it is good or not and you know it is good even before it come out in cinema. When people asked you, how do you know the movie is good when it is still not coming out to public?, you would answer, i've read the book.

However, people who never know about the book and freshly watch the movie in the cinema, i know they would be fascinating with the movie Angel & Demons. The story was brilliant. I never expect they create a movie from this book. But i think this movie should come first before Da Vinci. now it it prequel. I think sequel is better than prequel.

I am looking forward to watch Angels & Demons even i've read the book twice already. I gave the book 5/5 stars. Let see how the movie goes. ( As i know, even Da Vinci Code is not exactly the same as the book, i think Angel & demons would be the same, thus, read the book also, there will always be more in the book).


  1. aku belum tgk muvie dia. tp aku rasa, buku ni best lg da vinci code.

    seriously speaking la...

  2. i think da vinci code is the best because i've read it almost 3 times while only 2 times for angel and demons. And today, finally i've watched the movie and it is not that suprising as da vinci code (I know i already know the storyline but still i feel more excitement watching da vinci and reading da vinci)... But still salute cause i like to see how they show the vatican city and all the churches involved in angel and demons because hard to imagine when reading the book... and the ending of the movie..was great.

    I think because Angel and Demons is actally prequel or the first journey of Robert Langdon.. it was a little premature writing compare to da vinci.

    guess what, i think in the movie, they turn it a little bit by showing that this is like a sequel of da vinci i right? THis is prequel okay, the story before the da vinci code was broken...hahaha. why i'm getting emotional here?


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