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Eminem Relapsing...

So after 4 years of waiting, and i never think of listening to another Eminem album again. Seem like he already gone.. 

However, now i am listening to his new album entitled Relapse. I don't know why i became Eminem fans since i was in form 1 secondary school in SM St.Anthony. I can remember when my best friend Wai hong lend me a cassete of Eminem and ask me to listen to it. I did. And a few weeks later i became Eminem's fan. I just like the lyric and simple music he brought everytime in his album.

From Slim Shady LP, to Encore, I can see how Eminem music evolved and became a lot more mature from before. Not all album give me a good impression. Some Eminem album is not quite up to standard of The Marshall Mathers LP. I can say The Marshall mathers LP is the best of Eminem and i should say that it is one of the best hip hop album ever produced in this world. 

When he came with The Eminem Show after that, it is quite a little dissapointing. The eminem Show is a period where Eminem trying to change his way of bursting lyrics. A little more slow and effective. 

Encore was the second best album of him. I really love that album because it is so unique, so eminem. I can listen to that album again and again. The song MockingBird in the album is aired the most in the mainstream radio. really love it. I even got two original copies of that album. Why i got it? haha... it must be someone named Hui yii give it to me though. So i got 2 copies. Sure enough to proof i'm a fan. 

I was thirst of hip hop tune. A real hip hop tune like 2pac and Snoop and Dre do it. Not like today's mainstream hip hop talking about club, sexy girl and 'get down get down' or 'yeah yeah'... It does not reflect the true hip hop that started from underground. I believe that hip hop elements have their own identity. Every Emcee, breakdancer, graffiti and Dj have their own stuff. But then, now i can't listen to the true MC anymore. Many of the hip hop is only doing the beats and forgot the importance of the lyrics. because the lyric originally telling a story, not saying only about the club and the girls. Its a little dissapointing if i saw black rappers today, i can say that they are sucks, but back then, who created hip hop? 

Forget about it. Now i am listening to Eminem Relapse. And i am different today. because i am not like yesterday where i listen to only hip hop, but i listen to almost any genre of songs. i hate some of the genre though. can't stop hating it. But i listen to all. So the way i am listening to Eminem right now is much more different and clear to my perspective. 

So what do i think of this Eminem Relapse album?

First, if i can say congratulations, i would say it to Eminem because he create an album with almost 97 percent of it is his stuff. I mean not featuring with another hip hop or pop artist like much of the hip hoppers do today. You can see that an album og hip hop usually contains 19 songs or 20 songs with 17 or 18 songs are featuring song. No originality. I mean, i buy an artist album, why do i have to listen to 20 others featuring in that album? So eminem does really good in this one. only one featuring dr.dre and one featuring a girl i don't know who, and one is like an old music being renew. 

Second, about the song. In rapping perspective, it was a good stuff because the lyrics are magnificent. Not many people can create a whole album full of lyrics. So, in this aspect, eminem bring it good. 

Third, i do get a little boring listening to this album because not so many songs is a hit song i supposed. as you can see that The Marshall mathers Lp bring 3 hit song and the other are song that you would not skip to listen. same as the other. but this one, i may listen to a few songs in the beginning and then skip to the song titled beautiful. 

Fourth, song arrangement,.... nothing much to say. better than any other hip hop album as always. 

fifth, is there a second album following this? I hope it will come with more powerful song than this one. I can give average of 3.5 out of 5 stars for this album. 

What songs i found killing in this album

 I listen to the first song 3 AM. I can say that the music is gothic and powerful but it is still weak. i don't know why. maybe because it is not catchy. not too catchy. 

skip to other songs, almost all song have a great beats. Nice to listen but killing song as Mocking Bird in Encore could be, songs called beautiful. This song really poweful in context of lyric, arrangement and music. 

The song We called We made you is fun. New type of the real slim shady i guess. always have this kind of song in his album. from My name is, the real slim shady, Without me, just lose it, and not we made you. hahaha. 

and that's it. That is why i say this song lack of killer song. 

Nice. salute to Eminem.

Your biggest fan, stan..hahahahaha...zack...hehe.


  1. waa? komen?

    betul jugak laa kali
    tp mo buat camna kann
    alasan dr lambat jumpa patient bukan sebab doktor tu gi lepakk warung kopi dulu cerita pasal siapa MB perak kan,
    dr tu lambat sbb dia layan patient laen dulu.
    gi la klinik swasta. heheh

    waahh, 3 organ tak kena tb?

    mari aku teka.

    1. mata
    2. jantung
    3. ntah laa

    betul ka? ka salahh? hehehhe

    aku teka jak tuh.

    aku rasa infeksi tb ni bergantung pada respon imun terhadap tb tu.

    beza kan respon imun di mata sama jantung dgn lain2 organ?

    ka sama? heheh


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