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Let the Youth Grow

1. I do not have much time to write my blog right now. so excited doing my Elective posting in Kuching or more precisely Holiday in Kuching.

2. There is so beautiful place here in Kuching. Kuching is beautiful and a clean town. Clean in term of the rubbish and everything.

3. The unclean part is the youth or the teenager here in this town. Experiencing twice incident in first week i am here in Kuching is not so comfortable to me. The first incident is when I was riding my bus to my place in Medical College near the hospital. inside that bus, there is a teenager or maybe a guy around 20-25 years old sitting inside the bus and drinking alcohol. I supposed people like this doesn't suppose to ride a bus. he is very annoying and talk so much nonsense thing. The second incident is when I was sitting at waterfront Kuching and suddenly infront of me a group of boy and girls around 13-15 years old fighting each other using stick as weapon. So annoying thing to see when you are sitting with your girlfriend enjoying the calm day in front of a beautiful river.

4. Every place must have this kind of people. I called them immature. I believed a lot of young people out there aged from 13 years old to 20 years old feel they are big enough to get involved in this kind of bad thing. Actually they are much more immature by joining unhealthy act like this. When they grow up they will understand.

5. for me, i will just let them be like that. Let them grow as they like. One day they will understand and some of them will not. Who will not will face a consequences, then they would regret their whole life living in this world. So it is fair enough for them to grow.

6. Teenager is a very rebellious, want to be cool, i'm the strongest kind of stuff feeling conquering their mind and heart. teenager never see the risk and never see the future that lie ahead. They always want to be cool even though involving in some kind of stupid thing. All in their life is to impress others. Impress the girl, impress the guy, impress the other girl something like that.

7. Soon, hopefully, they will understand that life is not meant to impress other. It is more on how you treat others. Love other, and to be the true of yourself. Being yourself is a the easiest way to be but the hardest point to achieve. Sometime when you are in your teenage life, you would feel like you are being yourself saying that what yo wear and what you do is yours and that is yours, without knowing that you are posing others. being a hip hop is not yourself. Being a punk is not yourself, acting cool to impress girls is always not yourself.

8. Process of understanding the purpose of life is always mystery and never will be describe even by the most genius professor or something. The understanding of yourself is much more important than that. While people growing up, they will be burden with more responsibility and this will reshape them to be real human standing in this world. Neglecting the responsibility is a way of survival. even though, something important you would not ever neglect, and if you do, you will became no longer have purpose to live.

I love one quote from Krishnamurti if i am not mistaken saying

you have to be the light of yourself, not the light of your doctor or light of professor, or..the light of jesus or the light of buddha. You have to the light of yourself, in a world that is utterly becoming dark......

I'm wondering and thinking in Kuching.

This is kuching town. The North side.

This is me and my girlfriend in Kuching.


  1. Sheehan6:50 pm

    wah..Jiddu Krishnamurthi.
    enlighten yourself..


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