Why say Muhammad is a pedophile?

In the view of a malaysian who is born in 1986.

1. I love to hear old folks story. Old people story. Golden age people story. Their story about war with japanese and war with communist, how they lived back in the early 50s or 60s, or even 30s, 20s. It is so different from what we are living now.

2. Today people turn to be growing immature even until they are 40 years old. I have read an article on how people not becoming mature today. Almost 70 % people will die immaturely. that is why prison is always attended, and more and more violence, war and crime cases reported. Could you say a man who kill his family a matured person? And he is 30 years old. How do we classified immature person like this.

3. As said by previous study, people becoming more dependent today with the available ease and facilities, we did not grow. We will always like this until we are dead. Internet, tv, ps2, games, computer, shopping mall, teddy bear, barbie doll... everything blunting our maturity.

4. Compare to old people as my late grandfather, grandmother, all living in a world that is hard and tough to survive. They have to work even they age is still under 18 or 17 years old. They become matured thorougly compare to us. They became matured at the age of 18 compared to us maybe at tha age of 25.

5. Do you realize a few years ago everything was 'only for 18 years old and above' and now some thing is labeled as 'only 21 years old and above'. The grade is upgrading.

6. My grandmother told me that during her marriage time, almost everyone is married even before turning 15 years old. You never heard back in the 30s, a 12 years old girl were having three children? No? then you are one of the immatured guy in this world.

7. That is 50-60 years ago. And what about 1000 years ago during the lifetime of prophet muhammad? can you believed that he married with an 12 years old girl? It is only a matter of thinking.

8. When does pedophile term start to be describer? 1886? when is that? 1000 years ago or only 123 years ago? how much difference in math is that?

Western mind regarding Muhammad

1. I am very interested in the study of religion history. I want to read a lot of book regarding how religion is evolving. Even islam is evolving. Lot of us believed that Malaysian Islam is like the real islam eventually according to the history, Malaysian Islam is more to Islam hindu. Hindu influence is strong in our country islam religion practice.

2. regarding the western people who like to called Muhammad a pedophile, they should always went to Asia, down to the place out from their boundaries and open their mind and they might still see a 16 years old girl having 3 children. I've met his kind of stuff during my practival. I've met it!

3. In this matter, mind should not be closed by judging a person living 1000 years ago as a pedophile as you might charge all of our dead community ancestor including our grandmother, grandfather as pedophile. It is so stupid thing to do.

4. We made the rules, and don't make us blind to the rule. If one day in the future someone make a rule that is below 25 years old cannot married legally, and can we those people say that all of the marriage today is not valid?

5. As a conclusion, i hope some people in the west are more open minded regarding this sensitive claimed. It is too offensive and there is no respect in this kind of statement and they expect everyone to say that they are right. I honestly say that this claimed is wrong and we did not need to open a 2009 dated law book and what we need is to take a glimpse to the past, and understand how they lived during that time. If our grandmother can married at the age of 12 years old and lasted until today, term pedophile really cannot be used to claimed a Prophet something that might need to be answer when you are dead.

Muhammad already knows...

Prophet Muhammad predicts that in the future, people will make fun and talk bad about islam ad himself, his question is what a muslim should do regarding this. His prediction came true, and now i will ask myself, how would i react regarding this matter. At least i try to explain here the wrong thinking of those people.

Pedophile today

Don't make a stupid claimed that i am supporting pedophile. that is truely wrong today... because if you all see a 12 years old girl today, they look like a 6 years old in 1945. And when you look at 6 years old, they are baby. back to my previous paragraph on how people becoming more hard to be matured today.

Pedophilia diagnosis

The term paedophilia erotica was coined in 1886 by the Viennese psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his writing Psychopathia Sexualis.[22] He gave the following characteristics:

  • The sexual interest is toward prepubescent youths only. This interest does not extend to the first signs of pubic hair.
  • The sexual interest is toward prepubescent youths only and does not include teenagers.
  • The sexual interest remains over time.

The APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th edition, Text Revision gives the following as its "Diagnostic criteria for 302.2 Pedophilia":[23][24]

  • A. Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age 13 years or younger);
  • B. The person has acted on these sexual urges, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty;
  • C. The person is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child or children in Criterion A.

I really fascinate by Prophet Muhammad (my point of view)

He is a powerful man, and he could claimed himself as a god and became like Jesus to be worship until today but he deny it and say that he is only a man and God is Allah. He does not take credit for what he did. Always saying that he is only an apostle of god... it is like a person who could claimed himself as a king but did not and said that he is only a civilian like others. This is rare.

Prophet Muhammad does not encourage the muslim to go to war, and yet the empire is getting bigger everyday. The problem is when Prophet Muhammad was dead, and generations and generations later, Muslim becaming a war fan or war lovers. Bringing bad image to this religion. Read Evolution of Islam. Or History of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad prohibited people to write about his life or his words because he don't want people to be confused about his words and the real word from God. That is why Koran seperated from hadith (which is Muhammad words, collected a few years after Prophet Muhammad was dead.

Islam is really a religion which is drop down to the earth and not by intepretation of scholar or anyone. It came and intepreted by Muhammad and not Intepreted by Muhammad then became religion. Different right?

Prophet Muhammad never did ask his followers to deny other religion that came from God (allah) which is Jews and Christian as in Islam, muslims must believed the Torah and the Original Bible ( which claimed to be hard to found today, most are edited version. I hear only once a former father reciting a gospel that claimed to be from the original copy). We should not ever make enemy with christian and jews only if they try to attack us as jews did in palestine. But talking about the situation in Malaysia which is harmony and peaceful, we don't need to say " no no, christian is wrong, they will go to hell'. This is not right. Their religion is their religion, ours is ours.

We should be open for any discussion. Like what bruce lee said regarding his jeet Kun do, he don't want it to be like gospel which cannot be doubt. We should always received the critics and maybe there is something wrong, we try to study it, and if we found the answers, we should be happy about it and not to use it against other. We should study. That is why Koran is not similar to other text because most of the sentences can be intepreted to thousand meaning. It was so beautiful and interesting.


We are all together living in this world. No matter what religion are you, you must not live with your enemy. what i mean here is, we should not have enemy in our life. Everyone is the same. trying to have a faith, and to live in heaven, get a great life after life. Don't blamed people who is trying hard to do this.

p/s: sorry for any mistakes. Correct me.


  1. well said bro... keep up the good post :)

  2. i love this entry very much.

  3. You are very right when u say we have to open for discussions. Yes, all of us are worshipping the same God. However, there is only one way to reach Him and he has stated it in His book (Paulo Coelho might not agree with me). Still, it doesn't mean that we can annihilate people of other religion. We should call to them. Saying that after the prophet the muslims are becoming warmongering and lusting for blood is somewhat wrong. There is still the call for jihad that we cannot deny. Moreover, when we're looking through history, better watch out for orientalism. Try to find books from Islamic sources. Finally, you can say that Islam can be interpreted in thousand meaning in the time of the prophrts or in the time of sahaba because the prophet have direct link to God and sahaba is very close to the prophet. In our time it is best to refer to our ulama for interpretation for our understandings or interpretations might not be the same as what God and the prophet intended. Final finally, it is beautiful and idealistic not to have enemy. Musuh jangan dicari. But if ppl hit us are we to stand still?

  4. Amermeftah one good perspective. It's really for us to learn. And its for us to defend. Enemy only come when you make one.

  5. Hahaha, janganlah jadi hippies. Aku tak mengajak perang atau bertumbuk dgn orang. Tapi kalau kita dok diam, hidup kita bagus, tiba-tiba org dengki dan buat dajal kat kita. Tak ke org tu yg buat musuh sedang kita tak buat apa pon kat dia. Kau pun lebih paham.

    Aku cuma nak kata musuh mungkin sentiasa ada dan tak salah for not letting our guard down.

  6. Don't let you guard down. Agree.


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