Yesterday and today.

1. Yesterday at the same time as today at 10.50pm, i was in my bed, watching movie softcopy in my laptop. At the same time today, now, i am in UNIMAS medical college, doing my elective posting. Haven't started yet, just check in to the hostel this evening. I miss my bed in UMS. hahah. I'm college sick. 

2. Anyway, when i arrived here, i made a big mistake... I went to have my dinner with Emie and sylves. The problem is Emie. 

3. I have mention this girl name before. The problem is, i don't think it is fair to go out with her even there is actually nothing happening. She is just one of my annoying friend which is still in my friend list even though her is annoying. Hhaha. I just don't think it is fair leaving my girlfriend behind. 

4. I think this is the first time for so long i am talking personally in this blog. So i make it brief. 

People may do some thing without reason. Or they do it when they are hungry. 

5. THis is what happen to me. I feel very hungry, and Emie call me to bring me to dinner, and i go with Sylves. Then i feel guilty. 

6. Anyway, we had dinner with her, sylves and a group of guys ( so many of them, friends of emie friend), at AfterThree restaurant. I am not in mood to look around because i am really tired. 

7. So, learn from mistake, I will not do the same mistake again. Haha. There is so much personal story actually so by reading to this post, don't make any judgement. What mistake is true mistake. 


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