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I'm worse in shopping....

I'm a 23 years old guy, with an ego, and i'm a total male. XY. haha. This is quite a stressing introduction. I love shopping when i have money, of course. So above is a wallet i bought just now in Satok Sunday Market. I liked the design, it has a zip around it. this will make sure i won't drop card or money from it. Good function. Never mind the brand, Levis, whatever, i'm not a biggest fan of Levis, even i don't wear levis jeans. I wear Louis, or GA blue. Jeans is jeans. Somehow i bought Levis wallet because it was cheap. Only RM25. I'm so happy since my Timberland wallet already torn here and there. I bought a lot of stuff from Batik Sarawak, to Kain Pua and Ikan terubok. I don't spend much money usually. But this time i do because it is my last day in Kuching. A lot of argument between me and me myself when i was in my shopping mode. It's nothing actually. But i do realize now that i have some shopping skills that is unique. How do i shopping? F

Chucky.. are you ignorance? or just hate busy people.

I hate lot of people in my family. Not my mother, not my father, not my sister. But i hate lots other them. I hate busy body people. I would became so honest right now since when i hate this thing. Okay. the first thing is, people kind a think everything i wrote in this blog is for them. no. It is not for you, sorry, it's for other people to read. But i was so kind to let all people read it. No bias eh..huh. What happen? I closed my blog in 2002. Completely delete it even my blogger friends ask me not to. Why i did it? Because of busy body people. I remember i wrote something story about a girl sister which i lost in my dream. And i didn't have a sister eh. Because what i wrote is an art. I don't take writing as simple as people would do. What i wrote is full of question mark. You might guess, am i the one directed for this blog? Or you would ask, so chucky have delusional about young sisters. I closed the blog because of the people like this. More specifically my family

Eminem Relapse RM29.90

This is my Eminem Relapse album. Finally bought it today for RM29.90. I was so excited about it. I oledi have the leak version from the internet but it's not the same buying the original one. And it is quite cheap compare to previous album that cost me RM47++ each. Now only RM29.90. It's Malaysian version and why it is so cheap is because it look like pirate version one. Only a piece of paper with i think 3 pictures of Eminem including the cover. hahha. So disappointed. It's really look like a cheap CD. But that is just the cover, the CD is in original standard quality and guess what.. it's uncensored. The first time i scan the song inside i was a little surprise listening to the F word in this album. So i guess i am wrong in the previous post. Now i do not need to support pirate album...hahaha. seriously. No piracy please. hahaha.. change my mind already. (Already changed my mind). So... full track uncesnsored. Worth to buy. Huhu. p/s: i told my girlfriend regard


Everyone want their right. Everyone want to judge others. They put themselves in a kind of role where they judge others by themselves. I hate those. Things happen, and we are not supposed to judge anything. Except we are put in the position as a judge. If not, don't ever step to that line of judging others. I remember i also like to judge others, saying that they deserves what they get, they need to correct things, this is their fault, but there is time when i'm just studded there, pausing, guessing, that this is wrong. This is wrong. I am not the one to judge. All i can do is to express but not to judge. I put myself behind the line so i can express my disagreement regarding certain thing, but i never, never want to judge others. When someone do something wrong not to you, or even to you, what you can do is to express, but to make a judgement, is far beyond our power. The ultimate judgment is from Allah (God). We are not that fair, we always have bias in our judgment. We


Too much lyric, too much writings, too much books, too much philosopher inspired me. Burden.... I'm a criminal, cause everytime i wrote i rhyme those people think it's a crime to tell what is on my mine. I guess i'm a criminal, but i don't got to say a word, i just flip em the bird, and keep going i don' t take shit from no one... (M.M.LP 2000)

English Language to Be compulsory (Malaysia is too soft)

One reason why English should not be made compulsory in SPM is because if they do so, they will be so many students failing their SPM. Is this reasonable. I would say this reason is not fair for those who really study english and doing their best to get A and pass their English subject. And those who failed, is not because the have some disability but more to they don't want to learn it. I am a student and I've been in secondary school and primary school before. When science was included for the first time in my UPSR, i hate the ministry of education so much because i have to learn so much rather than only the four basic subject. Day by day, examination became harder and harder, lot of new format, new syllabus was put in to the subject. I feel this before. And i'm sure that i don't like it, i hate it. But that was a good thing i guess. When you put something harder, people would struggle and eventually everyone will get what they deserve in their exams. I was uncom

Man and Women are both Equal

From Islamic point of view regarding Adam and Eve. Qoran 7:20 :- "Then began Satan to whisper suggestions to them, bringing openly before their minds all their shame that was hidden from them (before): he said: 'Your Lord only forbade you this tree, lest ye should become angels or such beings as live for ever.' And he swore to them both, that he was their sincere adviser. So by deceit he brought about their fall: when they tasted of the tree, their shame became manifest to them, and they began to sew together the leaves of the garden over their bodies. And their Lord called unto them: Did I not forbid you that tree, and tell you that Satan was an avowed enemy unto you?" Different from any other text regarding Adam and Eve, in Islam they were both tempted and not only Eve were tempted showing that in man and women are equal. This put off the thought saying that women can be more vulnerable to be in incited. And the fault of them being thrown out from Kingdom of Heav

Medical Entry ( Power of Observation)

Medical student learn clinical skills. . Day by day we are taught to expand our knowledge and sharpen our skills. From the beginning we were taugh to use our hand, our sense to make diagnosis. Day by day we were asked to practice our clinical skills to improve our knowledge when we graduate later. I make this entry obviously not from my opinion or thinking. This is merely what i remember a few years ago, a consultant in Hospital Queen Elizabeth told me. At that time i was doing my medical posting and my memory regarding that physician name is so cloudy right now. I don't remember him maybe because i've been in a lot of posting since last year. So what did he say to me? He says something like this: "Medical student today lack of power in observation. Lots of them only inspect for a few seconds to a minute then jump to palpation, percussion and auscultation. It's wrong. By taking history, you would make 80% of the diagnosis. 20 % is from your physical examination. Fr

Religous Entry (Women right in Islam)

In a truely Islamic society women have the following rights in Islam: 1. The right and duty to obtain education. 2. The right to have their own independent property. 3. The right to work to earn money if they need it or want it. 4. Equality of reward for equal deeds. 5. The right to express their opinion and be heard. 6. The right to provisions from the husband for all her needs and more. 7. The right to negotiate marriage terms of her choice. 8. The right to obtain divorce from her husband, even on the grounds that she simply can't stand him. (pls note that God deeply frowns upon divorce as a solution unless there is hardly any other alternative but it does not mean that men have more right to divorce their wives than women do.) 9. The right to keep all her own money (she is not responsible to maintain any relations). 10. The right to get sexual satisfaction from her husband. 11. custody of their children after divorce. 12. to refuse any marriage that does not please

Religious Entry ( Women in Islam)

4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great. Okay, this is the most repeated sentences from all the Muslim haters out there. It's not like they are reading the whole Quran, but merely picked sentences that others who are prejudice about Islam and act like they know. It is very funny to read, listen and watch to this kind of people. I have read the theory on Islamophobia and it is actually true while many still argue that this theory is only a propaganda. Before going to far, regarding the sentences in Koran above, maybe non-muslim would interpret it carelessly but i still remember how this sentences was an hour class during my primary school. Primary school? I still remember my teacher quoting a hadith from Prophet Muhammad as he recite this sentences to his followers. My deepest apology because i

Food Entry 3 (Ayam Penyet Akmar)

This is Pecey Lelle. An Indonesia cuisine which is more commonly known as ayam penyet. During my stay in Kuching Sarawak, this ayam penyet was so famaous until eveyone recommend tourist to eat it even it is not a trademark of Sarawak Cuisine. My friend laugh at me because i'm eating this indonesian food in Sarawak. By the way he is studying in Indonesia so make sense. The best place to eat this Ayam Penyet is in Indonesia not in Kuching obviously. But because it is so famaous in Kuching, why don't we give it a try. This entry can be useful for someone who want to search for the best Ayam Penyet in Kuching. Even though i stay only for a few weeks here in Kuching, it is enough for me to try different places that serve this Ayam Penyet. Okay okay. What basically is Ayam penyet. It is consist of a fried chicken, with plain stream rice and lot of traditional malay salad or what do you call Ulam, and importantly sambal (chillie). What make it different is the Sambal. Different p

Personal Entry (Digital Picture)

Do you remember the time when A plate of Fried Noodle cost Rm2.50? Do you still remember the time when satay cost rm0.25 per stick? Do you still remember the time when every soft drink cost Rm1 per can? Do you still remember the time when you carry around a 1.4 inch floppy disk to save all of your date inside? Do you still the time when a rm100 pendrive can only save 128mb of data? Do you still remember the time when your internet speed is 28.8kbps? The story that i want to tell here is about... do you remember buying those camera film negative or what do you call that thing you put inside a camera so you can took 12 or 24 or 32 shots of picture? I called that film. It's a celluloid roll or something. Remember that time, you bought one roll and you will have chances to take a limited number of picture. My family is not a rich family. So i remember few years ago, we usually bought that film that can take only 12 pictures. So we will spend the 12 shots wisely. Took only the best

Politic Entry (Obama Speak to Muslim World)

55 minutes of live speech in Cairo, Egypt, in my opinion without considering which religion i am, i can this person really know how to speak. He i a good speaker. I think that is why he reach what he is now today. When i speak like this, I suppose a lot of people out there would say that i am not a real muslim because i praise a non-muslim leader. But this is only for mind who is so closed into one aspect of this beautiful world Allah created. Okay, well, i don't want to be serious all the time talking about details of the speech Obama made. It is just interesting to listen to. He is honest talking about his early life in Indonesia, he also honest saying that his father generation is a Muslim. he live in different Muslim country before settling in America, something like that. I think he is much better than the previous president of America. The point that he is highlighting also neutral in nature. For example, he would say Palestinian should stop attacking Israel, in the same

Shopping Entry (Made in Indon Bang)

Okay. Where is the best place to shop around Sarawak? Or particularly near Kuching. Everyone answered "Sarikin". Since before i went to Kuching, all of the people who have been in Kuching before always mentioning abou this place where the price is impossibly cheap. Is it true? So today, it is my first experience landing my feet to Sarikin. First impression "wow". We stuck in a 2 miles traffic jam before reaching this rural place near the Sarawak-Kalimantan Border. Stuck almost an hour. Everyone going to this place i guess. Second impression "wow", no parking. This place is so crowded with people. I love something like this. When i go to somewhere on travelling, i did not like to go to a place where only i am alone going to that place. It is like i'm going to a wrong place. With such crowded place in Sarikin, I know that I am going to the right place. Third Impression, "damn". Its hot. Too hot. I don't believe when people say this plac

Religous Entry (You Are Wrong)

So what about religous this time? Okay, today i met an author. He claimed that he is an author. I dunno. But i recently found that that book exist but he was not the author. He was the idea giver, how do i call that? He gave idea to someone to write a book. It's a religous book. About how corrupted muslim today or something like that. It is about an experience of a muslim who did not follow Islam rule and later realize that he was wrong and he went back to the correct path. I don't bother describing about the book because i never see it and never read it before. So no need to elaborate on that. I just want to tell his story here in my entry so that people can read and think about it. I'll put it in a funny way so that people don't read this blog with prejudice. Okay. I'm with two of my friends was sitting outside a mosque. We saw this beautiful BMW sport car park in front of us. Then suddenly the owner of the car came, and because his car is hot inside, so he app

Food Entry 2 (misunderstanding)

And this is Rojak. A rojak that i ate just now at Wisma Sabarkas, top floor Kuching Sarawak. Anything special? No obviously since Rojak can be found anywhere in Malaysia. However, as a Labuanese, and also a bit Sabahan and Sarawakian maybe later, I would like to highlight about the word Rojak as a lot of people actually did not know what rojak is. Let me tell some story. I have lot of story to tell. Just listen to it. Don't like it and don't listen. No one need to read everything that i wrote here. So the story goes like this. My mother love to eat rojak. Poor her, living in Labuan and sometimes go to Sabah, when she order Rojak in Food stall, she usually got served with Gado-Gado. Gado-gado is a type of noodles with peanuts sauce and it is actually so different from Rojak. Why this thing happen? This is because, Sabahan did not know how Rojak look like or maybe because of the word evolution, suddenly Gado-gado become rojak. I don't know why is that happening. They must

Food Entry

This time i made something different about my blog. It is about food. The picture above showing Auntie Lily special fried rice. It consist of fried rice plus sausage plus apple and carrot salad, fried egg, and fried chicken. It cost rm5.50. Nice right. Haha. Since i wrote something about food, i would like to ask you all something. Do you ever think of how much do this food really cost? I don't think it reach rm5.50. However, i think i deserve from rm5.50 for this kind of stuff. Sometimes i think that we are all been cheated everyday. We order Nasi Lemak for RM3 and we get a scoop of rice, and a little bit of chillies sambal, a few anchovies and 2-5 pieces of peanuts. We order Friend rice for RM4.50 and it consists of plain friend rice plus small size cube chicken and some monosodium glutamate. I don't think everything that we ate everyday reached this level of price. Those restaurant owner start to put their own price to the food. Not like what we were teach before in our

Cheating in Kuching

1. My second time in Kuching, the first time is 5 years ago when i was in form 5 i think. I came here to Kuching then those Boat to cross the river charge me rm10 for one cross while other people pay rm0.30 only. I was so damn bad luck that day. 2. My second time in Kuching, i am glad that i have someone who knew how to speak in sarawak dialek then we manage to get ourselves from getting cheated. We pay rm0.40 when we are going to visit Fort Margherita but it was closed that day. So unlucky. Went back with nothing. 3. I thaught when i am here for the second time, no one will cheat me again. But i am wrong. Yesterday when were trying to get to Taman Si Wangi, i forgot, one bus driver charged us rm3 to send us until the front door of our destination. Weirdly, some day before that, we went to ride the same type of bus and we only charged rm2.50 for more farther destination. 4. We try to search for other bus, and you know what we found? this one bus driver simply say rm35. We are shocke