A lot of Muslim are afraid of reading the translated version of Qoran ( Tafsir). The usual reason are ' we could be lost' or 'only the superior person such as ulama can read that' or ' it is very dangerous, you might ending up being a non-muslim because you lost' or ' let those who take the course or study in madrasah read the translation, we just follow what they say'.

And i say what the heck is going on here? Koran is for all Muslim to read and to take a lesson from it. It is a very valuable thing in our religion. Don't just let it go like that, don't try to avoid it.

As i read in my tafsir, the prologue by the author said that many muslim nowadays read koran just for the beautiful rhythm, and lot said it is calming even without knowing the meaning of it. True, it is beautiful but what a waste reading the sentences without knowing the meaning of it.

I encourage my mother to buy tafsir Koran in Bahasa Malaysia. Translated by Prof.Dr.Hj Mohd Yunus from Indon, it was certified by Malaysian Government and the Malay language is quite Malaysian. And it has a lot of explanation in it. So there is some guide if the thing became confusing.

A few weeks later, I was so impress by that tafsir Koran. I've read a lot of books, fiction, history i what i like the most, and i never read such a wonderful book consisting of lots of teaching and history in it. Yeah i have read koran since i was small but to highlight my point here, i discover Koran beauty since i read the tafsir for the first serious time in my life. I bought a copy for myself. It was small and handy.

A lot of thing i discover just reading the 3 first Surah in it. And obviously i love history so i love the history part of it. The second surah (Al-baqarah), meaning female cow (sapi), told me about the story of Israelite. How they make a golden cow and pray to it, and lot of Prophet sent to them such as moses to guide them to the one god. And the story of Adam in the beginning of this Surah (chapter). I always love that part. How Allah create Adam and ask the angel and jinn to bow to him but devil (iblis) don't want. And how god create Eve while adam was asleep and give Eve to Adam as a surprise and as an accompany to adam. How adam became the most knowledgeable and intelligent compare to the angels and how jealous devils is to adam. I love the story where Adam and Eve was trick by the devil and both of them eat the forbidden fruit and they are thrown away to the earth. It was such a beautiful story.

In the third surah (al-imran), i found more interesting history. The born of Maryam (mary). The story start as early as Imran and Hanah, the father and mother of Mary. They pray to god and promise that if they have a son, they will give it to the god as a god servant in baitul Muqadis in Jurusalem. But then, it turn out that the baby was a girl. Angel came and tell hanah that the baby is a girl and named Maryam, will became the most important women in the whole world. Why is that... After the birth of Mary, Imran and Hanah keep their promise and gave mary as a servant of God and Mary was accepted and later she was keep and taken care by Prophet Zakaria. Prophet Zakaria and her wife take care of mary and the miracle is they did not need to feed mary because the food is always there beside Mary came from nowhere, it came from God. When Prophet Zakaria turn old, he always wish to have a daughter but his wife was old and infertile. However, angel came and told him that mary will bring them a new baby which will became one of the most important man in this world. Who are that boy? it as Isa (jesus).

They story include how Mary said that he never have any contact with man before and how can she became pregnant and God is the most powerful so that he explained that he can create anything. In this surah also told about how Jesus create a living bird from a wooden bird and how he cure the blind.

I stop reading when the part came to the story of Ibrahim (abraham). I guess i h
ad enough for tonight. I could not believed Koran told so much story to us.


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