The Art of shadow9ng

1. Let start with reunion. Do you ever be in a reunion? I do. It was fun meeting guy and girls who already lost contact with you for a few years then you meet them back.

2. But what if you really don't know what to say to your old time friends? You are doing medicine now, and they are doing engineering, and even working and so on. The topic only matched for the initial. Saying how are you and everything then 15 minutes later you go blur.

3. I always encounter situation like this. I am so awkward until i say gibberish thing. Don't know what to say anymore.

4. So what do you do when you are in that kind of situation? I never knew until now. I always watch people meeting with their former colleague and talk a lot of things for hours. I always want to learn that art. I want to learn that art where they speak wise thing, not gibberish, not stupid jokes and mindless sentences. But really an honest talk about their life. They talk for hours. For days.

5. How do they do it? Without spilling a stupid jokes or nonsense sentences?

6. I realize that sometimes the problem lie within oneself. How are you going to talk if you did not about that person thoroughly? You just merely know their name, a little bit about their studies and then nothing else. This problem making you stick to a narrow perspective only seeing one within one angle of their life.

7. When you know about that someone thoroughly, what is their interest, how they react and everything, you can talk for hours. I don't know. But i feel that i lack of that method. I did not follow all my friend's update if not necessary. Not bother to keep up to date on who are their new boyfriend or girlfriend or everything. Except they told me so.

8. I really enjoy my experience watching other people reunion today. But honestly, someone who are not in that group really doesn't belong to the reunion party. haha. saya bikin sibuk ja sana. But i did learn lot of thing there.

9. I'm still piss off the useless personal attack to me. Thinking about it, people really dont get what i am trying to say. maybe later i would always state a person name to an entry so that other people which is stable in my friendlist does not jump out revealing themselves. I hate that. If you are my friend, you should not be offensive about it, it is not you. not you. Not you.

10. I am totally sorry to all the friend who are not supposed to feel offensive about it. But if you do, what can i do leh?


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