Beautiful Relapse

1. As all major and underground music fan know that Eminem is hitting the chart within this two weeks. The 4 years comeback album Relapse was the fast selling album in UK last week and going to be more after this. And the impending Relapse 2 are going to be released also within this year.

2. Two album in a year. Who ever done that before? So many. But the one that i clearly remember is System Of A Down when they released two album and both top the chart in the same year. Wow.

3. Now it is eminem to show whether he can top the chart with the two album. In my experience, the second part of album would be the best than the first one. Im not sure about that since the album Sytem of a down Mesmerize that was released earlier supposed to be the best but the second one Hyptonize that is mesmerizing me. haha.

4. I really like the way Eminem write his lyric. So precise, honest, brave and sharp. I've talked about this before. Even though a lot predict that Eminem relapse would not be like the classic Marshall Mathers LP, but i think, for a fan like me, it is enough for me to listen to the real slim shady again after he dissappear for so long.


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