Cheating in Kuching

1. My second time in Kuching, the first time is 5 years ago when i was in form 5 i think. I came here to Kuching then those Boat to cross the river charge me rm10 for one cross while other people pay rm0.30 only. I was so damn bad luck that day.

2. My second time in Kuching, i am glad that i have someone who knew how to speak in sarawak dialek then we manage to get ourselves from getting cheated. We pay rm0.40 when we are going to visit Fort Margherita but it was closed that day. So unlucky. Went back with nothing.

3. I thaught when i am here for the second time, no one will cheat me again. But i am wrong. Yesterday when were trying to get to Taman Si Wangi, i forgot, one bus driver charged us rm3 to send us until the front door of our destination. Weirdly, some day before that, we went to ride the same type of bus and we only charged rm2.50 for more farther destination.

4. We try to search for other bus, and you know what we found? this one bus driver simply say rm35. We are shocked. My friend said that the other bus driver charged only rm3 and he promised to sent us until the front door. You know what is the reaction of that bus driver? He raised his voice to us, angry at us saying that if you want to ride go in, if don't want then no need. And then an old lady interfere saying that his destionation is much far than we do and she only pay rm2.50 (nice old lady trying to help us), but that bus driver simply said "shut up" to the old lady. My friend argue but i stop her. I said people like this don't worth to argue with. They are like stone. No matter how much you try to argue, they always want to win.

5. Half lucky, we manage to be cheated less expensively, RM3 to that destination that only case rm1 i think. But he send us until the front door. So okay, fine.

6. the point is, people always want to cheat others today. I don't say Kuching only, even if you are in Sabah, you sometimes found this kind of situation. What did they think? How do they feel when they do that?

7. Yesterday we heard some travelers were charged RM4 to cross that river. What the heck happen to all this people? Where is their dignity? How much would their lost if they are charging in normal price?

8.Something need to be done regarding this matter.

p/s: i am trying to defend my friend when some emotional people trying to attack him regarding his post.

Labcoat issues. Long time already. Now encore? haaha. How come got encore?


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