Eminem Relapse RM29.90

This is my Eminem Relapse album. Finally bought it today for RM29.90. I was so excited about it. I oledi have the leak version from the internet but it's not the same buying the original one. And it is quite cheap compare to previous album that cost me RM47++ each. Now only RM29.90.

It's Malaysian version and why it is so cheap is because it look like pirate version one. Only a piece of paper with i think 3 pictures of Eminem including the cover. hahha. So disappointed. It's really look like a cheap CD.

But that is just the cover, the CD is in original standard quality and guess what.. it's uncensored. The first time i scan the song inside i was a little surprise listening to the F word in this album. So i guess i am wrong in the previous post. Now i do not need to support pirate album...hahaha. seriously. No piracy please. hahaha.. change my mind already. (Already changed my mind).

So... full track uncesnsored. Worth to buy. Huhu.

p/s: i told my girlfriend regarding the explicit content of this album, she said " maybe the official who are responsible to censored that album was asleep when the album arrive in Malaysia". hahhaha.
She always have some sort of cute answers. hahhaa.


  1. kiut la awek ko, nak kenalan bole? heheh.

    tp aku tak ska cover dia, kenapa motif collage cam tu?

    p/s- aku pun support feveret artis aku dgn bli yg ori. kalau dad aku tau, habes aku. haha.
    paling mahal aku beli CD michael buble rm70.00 kot. cd David Foster pun sama arga gak.

  2. hahaha..jawapan pika lawak..
    tak terjangkau pikiran aku..


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