English Language to Be compulsory (Malaysia is too soft)

One reason why English should not be made compulsory in SPM is because if they do so, they will be so many students failing their SPM.

Is this reasonable. I would say this reason is not fair for those who really study english and doing their best to get A and pass their English subject. And those who failed, is not because the have some disability but more to they don't want to learn it.

I am a student and I've been in secondary school and primary school before. When science was included for the first time in my UPSR, i hate the ministry of education so much because i have to learn so much rather than only the four basic subject. Day by day, examination became harder and harder, lot of new format, new syllabus was put in to the subject. I feel this before. And i'm sure that i don't like it, i hate it.

But that was a good thing i guess. When you put something harder, people would struggle and eventually everyone will get what they deserve in their exams.

I was uncomfortable of the saying that because they don't want students to fail, they ask not to include english in SPM. Where is the logic behind this? Sure all the student would be happy because English is not compulsory to study. In fact, if i am a student, I won't bother to study english anymore if they say it like this... i will study more on the compulsory subject to pass, and what is that? Bahasa Malaysia?


p/s: this is my opinion.....only.


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