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Food Entry 3 (Ayam Penyet Akmar)

This is Pecey Lelle. An Indonesia cuisine which is more commonly known as ayam penyet.

During my stay in Kuching Sarawak, this ayam penyet was so famaous until eveyone recommend tourist to eat it even it is not a trademark of Sarawak Cuisine. My friend laugh at me because i'm eating this indonesian food in Sarawak. By the way he is studying in Indonesia so make sense. The best place to eat this Ayam Penyet is in Indonesia not in Kuching obviously.

But because it is so famaous in Kuching, why don't we give it a try. This entry can be useful for someone who want to search for the best Ayam Penyet in Kuching.

Even though i stay only for a few weeks here in Kuching, it is enough for me to try different places that serve this Ayam Penyet.

Okay okay. What basically is Ayam penyet. It is consist of a fried chicken, with plain stream rice and lot of traditional malay salad or what do you call Ulam, and importantly sambal (chillie). What make it different is the Sambal. Different places serve different type of Sambal.

Here in kuching, i have try 3 places of Ayam penyet. And in term of chicken i would list it like this:

1. Satay Ceko Restaurant - The chicken is so tender and crunchy until you can eat the bone.
2. Raja Ayam Penyet Restaurant - The chicken is delicious but small. So dissapointing.
3. Akmar restaurant ( The chicken is not that good, just a regular chicken with spices. Not that crispy)

But in term of sambal, the list goes like this:

1. Akmar restaurant - The sambal is nice. Hot, but not too hot. It's more like sambal belacan.
2. Satay ceko- The sambal is quite nice, sweet and not too hot. My favourite.
3. Raja Ayam Penyet - Is this a sambal? Its a hundred percent pure chili. Too hot.

So, that's what i think. Kuching people might know much more place to eat this stuff. I just manage to find this three places as i don't have car to go around kuching. So... that's all. hahha.


  1. haha... it's very easy to get Nasi Ayam Penyek in Singapore. I think because it's near to Indonesia and a lot of Indonesians who live here. Here's my post about the Nasi Ayam Penyek:

  2. heheh.

    tapi series wey, tak pernah ada 2 kedai yg rasa sambal dia sama. laen tempat laen rasa.

    ada yg instant kot sambal dia, nanti aku carik kalo ko nak.

    sambal dia biasa terbuat dari cili, gula merah, tomato yg digoreng, dgn apa ek? aku lupa la. heheh

    lele tu zaki, maksud dia keli. ikan keli.
    kalau pecel dgn ikan keli, sebut pecel lele.
    kalau pecel dgn ayam, jd pecel ayam.

    tp macam ko pernah post pasal gado2 la, laen tpt laen benda kan? hehe

    tapi risau gak aku, mana tau ada org indo yg mengamuk lagi, kata kita cetak rompak makanan dorang, cam cerita lagu rasa sayang, batik, rendang, dsbnya. hiks

    apa2pun, enjoy ur food =D

    p/s- i seriously consider to learn or to bring any cook here back to malaysia so later i can business restaurant of indonesian's food. tapi blom pernah bljr la. heheh


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