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This time i made something different about my blog. It is about food. The picture above showing Auntie Lily special fried rice. It consist of fried rice plus sausage plus apple and carrot salad, fried egg, and fried chicken. It cost rm5.50. Nice right. Haha.

Since i wrote something about food, i would like to ask you all something. Do you ever think of how much do this food really cost? I don't think it reach rm5.50. However, i think i deserve from rm5.50 for this kind of stuff.

Sometimes i think that we are all been cheated everyday. We order Nasi Lemak for RM3 and we get a scoop of rice, and a little bit of chillies sambal, a few anchovies and 2-5 pieces of peanuts. We order Friend rice for RM4.50 and it consists of plain friend rice plus small size cube chicken and some monosodium glutamate. I don't think everything that we ate everyday reached this level of price.

Those restaurant owner start to put their own price to the food. Not like what we were teach before in our school. Do you remember when you were in secondary school, there is a topic called Kemahiran Hidup where there is a subtopic teaching us how to cook and how to calculate the price of what we cook. There is a formula in it. I don't really remember it spesificaly but i remember that we need to sum up everything, plus water and gas, then we need to divide it by thw quantity of the product. Do people do this anymore?

No! It is a wasting time to teach lesson today because no one will use that method. Today's method is much more simple. Put an example of a piece of donut. flour plus water plus butter plus sugar plus oil plus water and gas, no need to sum up just put 50 cent for each of those donuts. Why 50 cents? How do you derived to it? It is simple, because everyone sell donut 50 cents each. Why bother calculating?

Goverment are yelling everywhere trying to stop the increasing price of the food. It was totally politics because what i can see is the price always increase. Maybe that's why BN are called "Barang Naik".

Don't get me wrong. I think goverment play only a little bit role in this problem. The problem lies within the restaurant owner and trader, bussiness guy out there who knows the math but manipulate it. This is what we need to stop.

I guess one thing that can be done is to make price listing. wait, they already do that. How about we do something like this. We asked all the restaurant owner or whoever involved in selling food stuff to show how they calculate or how they they derived to the price of rm4.50 for a plate of fried rice. Simple. It is just like a price list board with more math symbol in it.

For example 1. Fried rice --> Rice (0.50) + chicken (1.00)+ onions and garlic (1.00)+ Oil (0.50) + seasoning (0.20)+water and gas(0.30) + labour (1.00) = RM4.50.

hahaha. People could be lazy to do this. But i really hate when the price is stated there but you don't know how they calculate it.

Nasi ayam Penyet = half chicken tigh with sambal and raw vegetables and a scoop of rice cost RM6. How did they derived to that price.

So, maybe more practical method can be done. But if information like this can be given to the customers, everyone will satisfied even if their meal cost RM6 or something. We must pay for what we deserve.


  1. Well i do agree on ur point of view about food pricing but somehow the influential of food pricing is cost by the petrol/diesel prices. Plus we never know if they had included GST, service charge or shop rental for each meal?

    My 2nd point is, Malaysia's food price is PRICY! With an average income of RM1500 for a normal employee, they can't afford to eat a plate of food that cost around RM5 a meal. What if they were came from a poor village and have to pay accommodation rental & transportation fees. At the end of time, they will be working with no benefits in their life. Work, eat and die. I'm lucky to get a chance to work in Singapore and get to taste the good and cheap chicken rice and nasi lemak at SGD1.50 and SGD2.00 (don't care so much with the currency conversion when you can earn more than what an average employee can earn in Malaysia).

    I hope that the Malaysia government will find a way to protect and give a better living for the poor. They have to stop increasing and yet to control the food price or the locals can hardly enjoy the food outside and there shall be no growth in the economy cycle.

    Peace out!

  2. I am so jealous of singapore if it's like that. That's a very good point when you say that Singaporean earn more and do not need to bother with the conversion.

    This situation happen also in Brunei where they earn much enough and their food price is cheap.

    That is the problem here. Malaysian do not earn enough but the food price is high. It does not matter if they view this as a process of getting develop but you know petrol is so cheap now compare to a few years ago in Malaysia.

    Petrol go up, price go up. Petrol go down, price remain up. We got a valve or something there.


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