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Google? Bing? Wolfram

I'm so tired today clicking around and try to feel the three most popular thing in the net now which is google (obviously), bing, and wolfram.

I like to try something new (except google) so then i would have my own opinion on this matter. And my friend sylves also keep busy comparing google and bing. Some of his opinion would be included when i wrote this entry.

So first of all, let us talk about google. No introduction is needed for this mega search engine. 64.5% internet user are using this search engine and i can say, i never find a better search engine other than google. So simple, fast loading, relevance search result, and so user-friendly. Compare to Yahoo and MSN live which prompt a lot of link around the search box, google only consist of that always changing Google logo and a search box with some simple link as a garnish. Job well done. Ever since i discover google, i never went to visit any other search engine anymore if it is not necessary.

So bing. The new search engine from Microsoft after Live search. simple address is the first impression i had..., easy enough to type and to remember. What so special about this new search engine is light, like google, and it has that beautiful background picture that change depending on where you are living. For example in malaysia you would see those beautiful 'sipadan' like views. when you are in other country, the picture change. If you are in Arab, there is a mode where the typing will go right to left. The search result also show more on the local site result rather than international one. this could be useful but i don't like it. It make the relevanve of my search decrease (but not all the time). still, the search result was fantastic. Enough for us to find what we want. Secual content wise, bing is the best. It filtered the adult content and you won't be able to use the term like sex, porn, seks, bogel and everything to search. However, this is limited to certain country because if you live in Malaysia, they will restrict that but if you choose other country such as USA, you can search for it. Even though, the adult content filter is much more amazing than google I guess this is more futuristic than google.
Bad thing about bing is the speed for search still cannot beat google. google is too fast. I don't know how google do it. haha.

As for Wolframalpha at this is not a search engine, it is like a answer engine. You type question and if you are asking it right, you would definitely get the best answer. This is too interesting. I was obsessed asking a lot of question at wolframalpha. I guess, this is the real future. Though its a little bit slow. Okay. For example, i type Eminem in Wolframalpha, the result came out and show me Eminem's real name, date of birth something like that. Wow. And when i type my birthdate, it would show everything that i even did not want to know. it calculate everything from the day i was born until today. You would found Wolframalpha is not that useful today but i can see the future of this method of searching. Where you would only get the best answer. I type where are you? Who am I? What are you? and different interesting answers came out. This is very interesting. Everyone should try this new concept of search engine or asnwer engine. Not enough? Then try search x+2y=24..its impressing.

So, this is my opinion. For official review you can search at wherever you want. This is public personal opinion. I just want to share it with everyone. hahha.


  1. eh bro... it doesnt indicate the place where im browsing with

    singapore doesn't have a snow mountain :p lol

  2. at least it change depending where you are..haha

  3. thanx for the info about wolf and bing. best plak cuba try test benda baru nih. heheh


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