Im totatally piss off

I am totally piss off right now. You know Malaysia trying to set a rule on bloggers and people are doing demonstration and critics spread all over because of that? Because for all the real bloggers, they tend to write their opinion and this is freedom of speech and writing they loudly claimed all over the world.

People who are offended would be mad, would be panic, would do anything to make them feel safe. But then some people did not think that some reaction is going way too over.

I am totally piss off when i write something without a name, people said it was me. I am the one who are diss by that bloggers.

It's about opinion. An opinion to make all the people think, whether it is true or not. Okay, read all the blog in my blog list. how many of them are criticising others, showing how they feel that something is wrong or whatever. We should read more blog nowadays and be more like bloggers.

Honestly, i would mention my friend name now, Rafshan, i was totally piss off on some people like you do. You blog alweays criticised people around you, and guess what, they can take it eh. You are safe in Indon i think.

It is prohibited to actually mention named in a blog when you write to make thing not personal.

Its been troubling me now, what should i do with my blog? Write my praise to goverment? Write about what i ate this morning? Should i set a rule on my own blog that i registered it my self, i write it myself, i did not get any money from it.

I would accept if people get offended, but to step on personal think, it is not your right to do so. It is totally not your right.

Maybe i should change my blog to malay?

I hate being human, because in human life, when you do something wrong, a gang will beat you without considering your problem, your perspective, all can they say that they are piss off of you and it give them the right to intefere anything.

Hey, this is the only person reading it...

People actually read my blog. that's a good thing. I thought this blog only read by those 2 followers and a few people in my friend list located at the side bar of my blog. I have a statistic every week showing on precise day, how many people read my blog. Nice gadget i registered for free. My blog traffic always slow. Only 1-4 person view it in a week. Kind of dissapointing. I thoght the whole read it, or at least the whole malaysia or sabah.

Sometime it reach 100++ person viewing it, i think that is last year when i wrote about some artist, whatz it too phat? People search and like it.

For this year, it is a little slow in progress. No good article to write. Just a few fatal article on my expression. I guess the whole world did not know about my blog, i guess i can trace who are viewing it by retrieving the data from that little counter i registered before.


  1. Rafshan? knew him since secondary school... we have freedom to critic anything in these world but the freedom that we had actually have a limitation... it depends on how we look at it. Some ppl can accept posting up nude pictures in their webpage but some felt offended... but whatever we do... we shall not make the wrong choices...

  2. Correct. You won't call up that nude model to pour your personal attack. Privacy always the first priority. Who is right and wrong is clear.


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