I'm worse in shopping....

I'm a 23 years old guy, with an ego, and i'm a total male. XY. haha. This is quite a stressing introduction.

I love shopping when i have money, of course. So above is a wallet i bought just now in Satok Sunday Market. I liked the design, it has a zip around it. this will make sure i won't drop card or money from it. Good function. Never mind the brand, Levis, whatever, i'm not a biggest fan of Levis, even i don't wear levis jeans. I wear Louis, or GA blue. Jeans is jeans. Somehow i bought Levis wallet because it was cheap. Only RM25. I'm so happy since my Timberland wallet already torn here and there.

I bought a lot of stuff from Batik Sarawak, to Kain Pua and Ikan terubok. I don't spend much money usually. But this time i do because it is my last day in Kuching.

A lot of argument between me and me myself when i was in my shopping mode. It's nothing actually. But i do realize now that i have some shopping skills that is unique. How do i shopping?

Firstly, when i went shopping, i don't like to search for stuff. I just walk around like i wasn't going to buy anything but actually i do. Haha.

Secondly, i did not look so much on thing i buy. Does not mean i buy it just like that without looking at it first or analyze it first, but i do have this kind of speed decision making when i look at thing. Once i look at it, 5 seconds later i would take out my wallet and pay for it. But if i don't like it, 5 seconds later i would go away unannounced.

Thirdly, i hate bargaining without a goal of getting it. If i try to bargain and this tauke look like so persistent on not reducing the price, i don't bother asking for the second time. Even the thing cannot be found anywhere else, i would not ask for second time and i would not buy if i'm not satisfy with the price. I'm so like a dictator. Haha. I make the rules not you the bussiness woman or man or whatever gender you are. I'm your customer, i'm god for you. hahaha. This is a way of negotiating without negotiating. It is fun. Much like Israel and Palestine are doing right now. Haha.

Lastly, i hate waiting. I can be patience for 10 minutes but more than that i would not. I even hate waiting for myself. I always want to go and get or touch and go or attack and goal. I don't know why i can be so impatient in waiting while i'm doing shoppping. I always say okay buy it or 'no, don't but', without waiting for any solution to come later.

With this four things with me, i would consider myself a bad shopping lover. I would learn more but i could not. It's in my gene. I could not simply decode it. Hahaha.

Anyway, i have fun today because i bought things that is necessary to prove that i was in Kuching between 19th may till 20th june 2009. Haha. Chucky was here.


  1. suka analogi kau. Israel dan Palestine berunding. heheh.

    as a wisdom man once said "shopping is only as good as the money you bring with you, kalau takda duit, totop molottt!!" hehehe rekaan semata2

  2. nice wallet u got there...
    i think i am a good shopper myself...
    can bargain and waste a lot of time analyzing a lot before buying
    that's how i got myself proud for saving money from not spending too much... lol~

    waiting to go back to shop with u again bro


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