Is it wrong?

-Ko pi la isnin, kami tetap pi esok' - 30 May 2007.

1. Sometime people does not consider much to do anything. This is called a risk taker. Is it? Or selfish? Or just impatient? I guess since i have a lot of negativity inside me, i will burst out everything that i can think of in this entry.

2. People might think that chances only comes once in our life and we must take the only chance to feel it once in our life time. Even though, chance does not come cooked. It always come raw and it is up to you on how to cook it to make it delicious and precious and not harming anyone all the way when you serve chance in a plate for dinner.

3. Simple word can be offensive. Letting a word come from your mouth without thinking about it is a dangerous thing to do. Malay's proverb " terlanjur perahu boleh di undur, terlanjur kata buruk padahnya" reflect mainly on how our ancestor already aware of the problem with word. Word is a weapon. No doubt about it. Without thinking of the impact of a word will make your problem sharpened and stand out in reality.

4. What is the purpose of living? Religous said for God, everyone said for peace and people might think about it the other way, live is to love. To love god. And god let us love each other. Love the nature. And love the thing God created. So what is wrong when you love someone?

5. When mentality were fixed to look at love as a wrong thing since childhood in our community, when they grow up, they are not looking at a couple in a positeve way. Always in negative way. Do people think that a person loving each other is a beauty of God creation? Do people alweays think a couple always going for censored thing, living in their own world? This mentality is pushed to our mine. Do people realize that more of them are trying to protect their love based on religion and culture. Don't cross the line, trying to balance everything. No. Honestly said, when a person in Malaysia especially Malay, who did not have a proper education or experience or teaching regarding love, they would say 'erkk, get a room' to a couple who are doing nothing but love each other. Not even doing hugging, kissing, sex or whatever. For them, a couple always direct to sex. I don't know why people are so negative.

A few days ago, a chinese taxi driver drove me and my girls to UNIMAS. I sit in front and her sitting at the back. That chinese guy mad at me because i did not speak much with my girl. What to speak?

Just to highlight a point, this person did not look a us in a negative way but look at us negative because we do not look like couple. Trust me, Malay hardly look at couple like this. Sorry. But not all of them.

6. Fair enough. maybe we should not encourage to people to coupling. But do we need to discriminate couples. eg: oh you had a girlfriend, don't join us, you are not allowed to follow us anymore, go with your girlfriend la. This is stereotype of many people around me.

They are 2 different type of friend's response toward me when I have a girlfriend. One said like this "Oh you have a girlfriend, wow, bring her to show to me, i would like to meet her / introduce her, maybe you me and your girlfriend can go out lunch together. Would be nice/ and so on".

The second type is like " You already have girlfriend, go with her la, no need to see me anymore your girlfriend is more important than me mah/ mentang-mentang dah ada gf / already had gf, who are us to you>" something like that.

I hate the second one. fuck off. When you had a gf/bf later, i would wish world collapse in front of you. haha.

7. Sometime you need a sarcasm in life. But i already stress this before, sarcastic must have a laugh in the end. if not, you are in trouble. hatred is building inside and you might get at least a fuck you sign in the end.

8. Life is a group is a very nice life. How many is there to be in a group? How minimun members can be left in a group before decision is cancelled?

A soldier in War in a jungle near vietnam was ambushed by Viet cong. Everyone need to go and run away because they will die if they did not do so. Suddenly one of them is badly injured. Actually there are many of them injured. A soldier grab all the injured people to bring them to a safe place outside the jungle. One of the injured soldier refuse to go. He insist of getting a back up fire for them so that they can went out safely. But the rescuer did not listen to the one injured soldier. He scream " We are team soldier" grab him and bring him safe outside. The injured soldier cry because he insist of giving them backup or all of them would die. And what happen i the end... ?

9. We did not need to be sarcastic all the time.

10. I would feel happy if my best friend has a girlfriend. Wow... that is nice. We can talk more like an adult after then. haha.

10. I would not stop writing if the time does not tell me to do so.


  1. Sedara, terlajak perahu...

    do i have to insert haha at the end?

  2. syafiqa4:42 am

    no 4: nothing wrong when u love someone, but make sure it's in proper way....however perception of others might be different from 1 person to another.

    p/s: hahaha, saja je ni mau komen blog ko. br start2 bc ko punye blog

  3. i dot know, which part of the blog actually give people right to broke my privacy in this article. I guess human always like this.

    I take the blame because i don't want someone to get hurt more. But she did. And i am totally piss off.


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