Religious Entry ( Women in Islam)

4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great.

Okay, this is the most repeated sentences from all the Muslim haters out there. It's not like they are reading the whole Quran, but merely picked sentences that others who are prejudice about Islam and act like they know.

It is very funny to read, listen and watch to this kind of people. I have read the theory on Islamophobia and it is actually true while many still argue that this theory is only a propaganda.

Before going to far, regarding the sentences in Koran above, maybe non-muslim would interpret it carelessly but i still remember how this sentences was an hour class during my primary school. Primary school? I still remember my teacher quoting a hadith from Prophet Muhammad as he recite this sentences to his followers. My deepest apology because i forgot that hadith. I am human. What i remember is regarding the law of hitting women in islam. No one talks about that..

In islam, there is way to hit a woman. never hit the face, the buttock, the chest, nor leg or feet, and cannot hit until they have bruise or even redness. And the most suitable instrument to hit them is using long grass or something like that. I remember we are all laughing that time. Is it a joke? we asked. And he said no. Then its like we can't even touch them. Why you want to hit women if you are stating a strict law until you are actually not hitting but more like joking with them. It would be funny if someone hit you with a grass.

And my teacher said: " Actually, its only a symbol showing that you as a man is strict to your wife when they make mistake, however, in Islam, hitting is not the first priority. And for the best, you don't need to hit any women.

If we look at the sentences, do you see that hitting is the last resort. As most people think Quran is a only a book full with sentences, but no one ever appreciate that everything in it was in order. From the process of embryology, big bang theory, blood circulation, everything was in order and not just a plain mixed sentences.

Also lot of people just reading this sentences and act they know. It;s like Quran for them is just one sentences like this and the other thing in that is just a blank paper.

Please, read Quran, with its meaning. the whole of it. You will know much better.

p/s: lot of Muslim read Quran only for the sake of its beauty melody. Trust me, most Muslim did not know the meaning of Quran.

I bought myself ine good Tafsir Quran for myself, and actually my mother bought it first, then i bought the same tafsir like her do and read it. The problem is when i was here in Kuching doing my practical, i did not brought that. Haha. So, no progress...


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