Religous Entry (You Are Wrong)

So what about religous this time?

Okay, today i met an author. He claimed that he is an author. I dunno. But i recently found that that book exist but he was not the author. He was the idea giver, how do i call that? He gave idea to someone to write a book. It's a religous book. About how corrupted muslim today or something like that. It is about an experience of a muslim who did not follow Islam rule and later realize that he was wrong and he went back to the correct path.

I don't bother describing about the book because i never see it and never read it before. So no need to elaborate on that. I just want to tell his story here in my entry so that people can read and think about it. I'll put it in a funny way so that people don't read this blog with prejudice.

Okay. I'm with two of my friends was sitting outside a mosque. We saw this beautiful BMW sport car park in front of us. Then suddenly the owner of the car came, and because his car is hot inside, so he approach us. As usual, salam, then he asked us.

"Where do the three of you came from?"

Uttering, we answer that we were student from Sabah doing practical here in Kuching.

He asked with energy, " What course? University?"

We answered yes. University, doing medicine. I'm the type who don't want to lie about my course. Sometime people lie about it. No good for me. Why do you have to lie about it? Because you don't want people to say you are proud then you lie. Haha, already commit a sin there.

Then he asked us " When you have a degree, are your future bright?"

He point at me, i was blanked and said yes. Then he pointed to my friends, they say "depends".

"You are wrong!" that uncle pointed his finger to me. " Getting a degree won't guarantee your future is bright. When you are praying to Allah, then you don't need to get a degree". He started to tell us his story when he was young, where he live in a slum, poverty, and he make friends with bad people, drink alcohol, do some chicks and all the bad stuff. He also said that he did not have an education, but because he realized that Allah is the one that can help and he pray, now he is driving BMW sport.

Yes. I have to admit that. He really driving that car. He also tell us the story about how he never pray before but after he start praying, he gain more that he wanted to. All because of the help from Allah.

Then he asked us another question. " DO you think tabligh is right or wrong?"

I answered "urr..maybe right (vague)". Then one of my friend said "wrong". So he point a finger to him and said "you are wrong". Then he continued, " Tabligh is the people who is really a muslim. They study religion, they pray, they believed in Allah, they did not lie, did not proud, they love and afraid to only Allah. They never asked any help from anyone except Allah. Don't ever say bad stuff about them. A lot of people saying tabligh is doing wrong. Actually, they are the righteous one".

Okay. I have to admit that i myself did not like tabligh. I hate them because for them, everything is about praying only. Even we study medicine, they say that we are study about the world only and not about the after life. For me, we as a muslim should work and be competent with others in the world. We should have an effort not just sitting and praying. But i have to admit what he said. It is correct hate that we should not make fun of tabligh. They pray more than us. They know more than us in the aspect of Islam. However, some of them did not really know but act to know. Most of this type is the student, young member who did not ever had an experienced about life.

I have to believed this uncle because he experienced a lot as he told me along the way. He did every sin first and ten realized about it. Not just following others to become a religous person.

"Do you need an effort to achieve something?" another question he asked.

I answered "yes". And as i expected he said "You are wrong".

"Even if you did not have an effort, if Allah bless you, you will get what you want. Look at me. I did not work. My wife did not work, even my children did not work, but look at me now."

yeah.. i can see his BMW car. haha. That is the only thing i see and i make a conclusion, this person is rich. hahaha.

Admit that also. Sometimes even if you put a 110% effort into something but you still did not achieve what you want. But i did not accept this. This is why Muslim was 10 year back in science and technology. I did not believed Allah created science for Japan or for the West only. I did not believed Allah would do something like that. Allah wants every human being including Muslim to have an effort to achieve something. Not just sitting down and suddenly a laptop or a car will fall on to you.

But still, this person got BMW sport car. hmm...

Then he asked," do you believed in fortune or luck?"

I did not really get this question you know. Because in malay it sound like this " kamu percaya pada nasib?".

I guess and answered no. Luckily i am correct. haha. Did i say luckily? But one of my friends could be having the same problem that i had, by not understanding the question and said yes.

So he said "You are wrong!". I want to laugh. hahha.

"As a muslim, you must not believed in luck or fortune. You must not believed. You should only believed that when you pray to Allah you will get what you want."

hahaha. There is a lot of stuff this uncle told us. Most of them we cannot reject. Everything he said we have to admit that he was right.

He also told us everything about all the ulama nowadays, more and being proud and move away from the truth path. Most muslim did not practice Islam anymore. As he said that everyone today are more likely love entertaiment, proud, love money, possesions and everything rather than be a humble muslim. He is correct.

But sometimes, i did not accept his idea regarding effort. I did not believed Allah said that a muslim did not need to have effort, just pray, and you'll get what you want. To concrete my statement, i belived in Quran they is a senteces that tell us that Allah will not change our destiny if we did not change it ourselves. So means we can change our destiny.

As he told us that we should not believed in fortune, i think he mean that we must not believed fortune teller. Because if we did not believed fortune, then we have to put effort and then it was antagonizing with each other.

So, after 40 minutes getting lectured by this person, we manage to stop him and walk away from the mosque to get our lunch.

So i feel really exciting about this. I love to listen to something different about religions. I mean different idea from different people. We should not only stick to one. By listening more on others, we are able to see which is wrong and which is right rather than following the wrong all the time by not knowing that you are doing so.

So in the end, i try to get this uncle name. He said his name was Salim. I search for his book in the internet and i found this link

So he really did have that book authored by someone else. He also promote to us about his another book regarding Jinn. Maybe i wil read his book when i found it. Because after we met him, it is like more personal and interesting to read. In the end we can say, "I met this book author before".

What a great experience. And for the story he told us as i posted in this entry. You all judge by yourself.

See this, he really a writer. Glad to see a writer.


  1. Hei bro, just to let u know that I respect u religion just like my own religion but what I can say is that person is just a someone that rarely be seen in this world. Ok, he claimed that the whole family did not work. So can we do the same? With only prayers and without effort? Can we achieve our goals in our life? Then we should say that our parents, our grandparents, our great grandparents are WRONG for telling us to study hard when it has no benefits in our future life? Is that true? My religion believes that we must pray and put our best in everything we do. Ok, quote an example here... Two farmers prayed for good weather for their field. Both prayed faithfully but one of them trusted God and went to prepare his field. So which one will receive the blessing? The one who wait for miracle from God or the one who worked hard on his field believing that God will reap what he sow? Yes indeed that guy did inspire someone to write a book... well he is just an ordinary person who is no greater man than Bill Gate or Donald Trump. Just my point of view here. Peace bro!

  2. Yupp. That is why i mention that his idea is for the people to judge. I don't really agree with him too about that praying thing.

    I remember he was saying about Donald Trumph child or something like that who got 7 billion at birth doing nothing. He said this is the power of God. Do nothing and you still get a lot of thing.

    But... for me, people like that is only a dreamer. You could not be like donald trumph child or bill gates child or something like that.

    I'm afraid if more muslim teaching like this, muslim would not do anything and just pray. In Islam also, all the believers are asked to have an effort, both for afterlife and before death. I don't remember Islam asked us to sit down and wait for food.. Maybe god can give that. Even though you have food, still you have to have an effort to take that food, and put it in your mouth, chew it and eat it. If we did not need effort, then we sit there watch the food and pray that God will help us feed with that food God gave to us.

    Doesn't make sense.

    His idea is new. but i don't believe that Prophet Muhammad also only sit down and pray so God will help him spread the religion all over the world in less than 40 years. He too have the effort to do it. I read Prophet Muhammad history, and he is no ordinary man who only pray. He was choosen as a prophet, and what he do is too much for an ordinary person to do. his effort is far greater than Bill gates or donald trump trying to do. So... effort is important.

  3. kalau aku,

    aku dah jawab macam ni

    "pakcik, saya rasa tak selesa bila borak dgn pakcik, saya minta diri dulu"

    tak suka lah dia.

    tak paham aku.
    kata humble, BMW sport? humble my ass.

    dulu ada gak org ni, dia mmg alim, dia melayu. dan dia ada Mercedez.
    rumah dia jalan kaki pun sampai masjid, tp masih nak bawak merc dia gi masjid. alasan dia apa?

    "kita org islam ni, tak boleh la biasa2 je, nanti nampak kita lemah, dipandang rendah oleh org agama lain"

    ko rasa lucu tak?
    dgn kereta dia berjaya menaikkan martabat islam? duh!

    setau aku dulu martabat islam tu naik krn ada ilmuwan macam Avicenna, Ibn Rush, Al Khawarizmi, Al-Jabar, bukan rumah siapa lebih besar, kereta siapa lebih mahal, hp siapa lebih canggih.

  4. *Ehem*

    There is a thin line between preordaintment and free will. This is a very complicated matter. Better learn more or consult someone else. The pakcik you met kinda surrenders everything to God. Waiting whatever God might give him without doing almost nothing. You on the other hand (i think) believe more on free will. You'll reap what you sow. This is all about faith and there must be a balance between the two. The pakcik you met should bear in mind that like you quote from the Qur'an that you wont get anything if ur not lifting a finger. In fact god likes those who work etc, etc. And you to have to bear in mind that whatever you do, your strive and struggle, though according to law of nature (sunnatullah) you will reach your goal, if He dont want yopu to get it you simply wont get it and if He wants someone who do nothing to get somethjing it can happen. But, tuhan Maha Adil, kan. He just want you to do the best and He will take care of the rest. To make it simple, there must be a balance between miracles and sunnatullah, I guess.


    Dulu, aku macam ramai org pon piker takyah pakai keta besar, rumah besa, zuhud kononnya. Tapi zuhud patutnya ialah kau rasa apa yg ada sekeliling kau takkan selamanya dgn kau. Kau nak ada BMW pon takpe asalkan kau tak terlalu tertakluk pada kete tu. Cuma ulama sufi ada kata, utk zaman skang ni baik kau berduit. Sebab nanti hati kau takkan tertakluk pada duit tu. Nanti kang ada org mintak sedekah kalo ko sengkek ko akan rasa alamak ni je la yg aku ade. Tapi kalo duit kau byk ko takkan tersangkut ngan duit, kasi je kat org susah. Cuma ada la line between humble ngan pride. Takyah ah menunjuk. Kalau mampu, pakai aje.

  5. I could not agree more. And again i would say, it is for us to decide. No one is wrong if both achieve the same thing in a different way.


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