Labuan Cinema Respond

I have been waiting for the sequel of the transformer to come out since 2006 when the first transformer showed in cinema. I guess this is my first movie that I have waited for so long. It is the first time I am inside this state of anticipation.

My time plan does not seem so right in the end. I planned to watch this highly anticipated movie of mine long before I went to Kuching for my elective posting. However, when I was in Kuching, the movie still not coming out and when I did get back to Kota Kinabalu, still nothing. When I reached Labuan, my beloved hometown, the movie suddenly burst into the cinema .

There is one cinema in Labuan which is so small but has a good screen and sound system. Only small. I guess I have to watch the movie in this small place. I need to watch it. This is the only cinema in Labuan though. I went to the cinema as earlier as possible and asked the counter girl there regarding the movie and the answer is simple. 'I don't know'. But, the media already said that the movie is now on in cinema near you. Still the answer was 'I don't know'.

With a lot of frustration and determination, I really need to go and watch the movie. I don't want to listen to others opinion before me. I want to judge the movie myself.

A trip to Transformer II

So I decided to pack my stuff and grab a Rm 5 ticket and Rm14 bus ticket to Kota Kinabalu. This is my last resort. Without further thinking and consideration, I went to Kota Kinabalu. 2 ½ hours journey plus 1 ½ hours of ferry journey across the sea from Labuan to the mainland, finally I reached Kota Kinabalu. The sun was hot and I was a little confused when I reached the town. I only left the town for one month and now I am totally blurred regarding the bus station and how to get anywhere using bus.

The Bus Terminal reactivated

As I wonder around Kota KInabalu, I was totally confused. The Labuan Bus that usually stop at Wawasan now stop at Taman. And bus to go to UMS usually stop at Taman now nowhere to be found yet by me. I am stuck for a few minutes then I called my friend asking him on how to get to UMS by bus nowadays. Vague answers is all I get.

A few years ago all the buses in Kota Kinabalu stop at Terminal Wawasan. However, I remember that the place is not convenient and that is why the changed the location (or divide) to other places more convenient. Terminal Wawasan was a legendary Bus Station ever since. A few bus stop at Wawasan, a few including UMS stop at Taman.

Now the system become more simple I think. All the bus stop at Wawasan. So to get to Milimewah or any other places inside KK town, you have to take City Bus sector 2. Cool name. Sector 2 is around town. Take that yellow city bus and pay 50 cent, you can get around sector 2. Where is sector 2? You can look at the map inside the bus. I just remember that the sector 2 include Wet Market, Philipine Market, Centre point, Milimewah and along that road. Maybe this will provide better result since it becoming more systematic.

Lining up for the revenge

The fever for the second transformer movie is as equal if not more with the influenza virus pandemic. It is pandemic. I decided to watch the movie with my old time buddy and roommate as usual but we were shocked looking at the line to get the ticket. It was the first Sunday since the movie published. So it was expected that the line was so long. You will never see a line so long like this one in 1borneo GSC. Thinking that it is impossible to get the ticket there, so the easier way to watch movie were the Growball Cineplex in Centre Point. Seem like that place always have a seat for everybody.

Nevertheless, the line in Growball Cineplex also long. And when we reached the counter, all the hall was packed. We came at 1.00pm and we had to buy the 4.10 pm ticket. The fever is real. This movie is not like any other movie. I will give my review and opinion later regarding this movie.

UMS freshie

To save my budget, I stayed in my own room in UMS hostel. I found out that the first year student already in for their orientation. It I always fun to look at first year junior, so immature, and so arrogant. But they are less arrogant than the second year which is also there right now to become the facilitator of the junior.

First year is acceptable to be arrogant a little. This is because they were to new to this world of campus and everything. They did not experience anything yet. They must be proud getting into the university. So proud until some of them wear those nametag while shopping around town. What the heck. Haha. To cute to be true. How cute is that. A UMS student wearing a name tag to town.

But not a problem for them. We also must not laugh too much because they are new to this environment. Let them be them for a moment. We do not need to change a person to become us so rapidly.

The arrogant one is of course the second year which happen to be the facilitator. I know, they already got some experience spending some time in UMS and Kota Kinabalu, and their tiny experience are need to guide this junior.

As people develop to become 3rdm 4th and now I am in 5ht year, they will understand the importance of being humble as you grow up. Sometime you would miss your naïve life when you were so young.


However, I was a little tension with the junior, because I was in KK for only a day and I need to settle my thing quickly. My family ask me to buy something and I need to catch a bus. I have little time to do all this. I know that bus will be impossible inside UMS during the first Sunday after orientation day. So I walk outside, around 1 km climbing up hill and exposing myself to the sun to reach the gate. Not 1 km. I think it is 2 km or under the hot sun it would become 3km. When I reach the gate, I was surprise that junior nowadays are far more clever than us back then.

I remember when I was in first year, first weekend, when I want to take a bus to KK, and all the bus stop inside UMS was full, I decided to go the gate and wait for bus there since they were no other new student knew that trick. But now… they knew.

All the bus was full and I have to stand for 20 minutes under hot sun across the road at Alam mesra to get a bus. The junior wait in front of 1borneo to get a bus to KK. What is wrong with them? Waiting at 1 borneo for the bus, they can just enjoy themselves there in 1borneo. What is there in KK to visit. Young people are unpredictable. I manage to get a bus and ride it to KK with a bunch of junior that occupied the bus. Everyone is talking about their life before this and some who knows the road were acting as a tourist guide showing what is there and what is that.

I was fed up with them. Haha. I could not do anything because I was with them waiting bus, I was like them with this backpack on my back. I was just like them. Hahaha. I would not bring my back to town at usual time. This time I had to because I was bringing my stuff to get back to Labuan. Weird to be with them. Haha. Grotesque.

Junior in danger

I think the juniors are in danger wearing that name tag to town. Someone might spotted them as a newcomer to the city and bad thing could happen. Let us just hope that nothing happen to them. Sometimes, people can be cruel. And UMS students are one of the usual victims for this kind of people.

Safely back to Labuan

Nothing much happen on my journey back to Labuan. Except along the road from Centre point to the Labuan bus station, everyone is looking at me. Why? Did I look so weird? Or do I look like first year junior so that people would like to get a very good look at my face? Haha. Weird again.

Transformer VS Transformer II: Revenge of the Fallen

Ok. The second movie is highly anticipated. The fever can be felt anywhere around the world. I admit it. Why this happen? Because the fantastic and brilliant of the first movie. The first movie was too good until everyone want to see its sequal. And here it is. The revenge of the fallen.

What do I think about the movie? I can describe it shorly as – abuse of explosive and overwhelming CGI non-stop action movie-. The movie is full of action, amazing graphic, abundant of explosion, cool plot and exhausting. For rm5 that I pay for the ticket, It was too worthy. I can pay rm15 if they asked me to. This movie was the best movie of this summer. You don't need to wait for the climax, the climax is there for 2 hours and 42 minutes.

The autobot and decepticons design is much more details and a lot of new character to be explored. The important thing is the CGI. How do they make the robot that big so real? I could not believe my eyes. You can't separate the CGI and the real one. Everything seem so real. Like the machine is there and alive. How fantastic is that.

The intro of the movie was brilliant showing how the soldiers with the autobot try to stop a large decepticons in China. I could not believe the airplane drop a big truck from the air and the truck transform into optimus prime landed on a flyover and the flyover crushed by that big deceptions with one blow and everything was exploding, the car, the helicopter and optimus manage to manipulate that impact to get on to that decepticons head. It was truly amazing. What to expect more than this? To describe every amazing action in this movie is impossible as I said, it was 2 hours and 42 minutes actions non stop. Only stop maybe less than one minute for the audience to catch a breath maybe.

So how is this movie compare to the previous one. Unfortunately, I would choose the first one as much better than this one. I don't know why. I liked the second one so much but I can't stop thinking of the first one.

I still remember the first transformer movie intro where that helicopter destroy US airbase in Iraq easily and how human was running and did not know what to do without the help of the autobots. In this second movie, the human giving order to autobots. What the heck is that? How ego are us the human. U guess this is what I hate about the second movie. The soldiers seem to be more in control than the robots. They act like they were true hero instead of the autobots. Not like the first one.

Remember in the first one, a scorpion decepticons in the desert where the army try to knock it down but they could not. Only one machine vs human with lot or air strike support. Still could not match. That is what I am talking about. How the machine is much more powerful. In this second movie, human became so powerful, they shoot a rocket and hit the decepticons and the decepticons die. They ask the cluster bomber to bomb the decepticons, then the machine all die. Not as I expect. I expect the machine would be tougher as in the first movie.

So because of this, I hate to say that the first movie of transformer is legendary. However, I choose the second one to watch. Too worthy.

I will definitely watch this movie again. Maybe 3-4 times in cinema. And 100 more times in DVD. I could not stop thinking about The revenge of the fallen. It will bring double the excitement compare to the first one.

Three tumbs up for The revenge of the Fallen. If I say 2 years ago I gave the first transformer 10 over 5 rating (haha), I would give the second movie the same one.

Looking forward for Transformer III which is schedule to be release on 2012.


  1. bro, lucky u. I paid RM24 for the ticket... anyway, next time do go on online booking for great movie like Transformer. Will lessen ur problem :D

  2. gila semangat ko sampai menyebrang lautan untuk tinuk Transformers semata2. hehe.

    baguslah jerih payah ko terbayar jugak akhirnya.

    tp aku masi tetap sokong pendapat si farid ttg movie tuh.

    student yg arrogant? pakai nametag?

    ada tak yang pakai labcoat? hahahah.

    walaupun cerita dia aku tak ska, tp aku sendiri dah tgk 2 kali tau kat wayang. heheh.

  3. hmmm, sebab labuan tak ada cinema la kan. hahah. tu la sebab aku menyebrang laut.

  4. Hcore Bay film except T23:26 pm

    I dont think the new Bay's baby is that brilliant.

    I guess u should check those things in detail by looking at this article. U may miss some points that can help u realize the poor and typical things which Mr Bay had violated.

    Click Here

  5. brilliant in the aspect of giving entertaiment to the audience. Who need 1 hours of talking and making thing logic to our mind while you can have 2 hours and 40 minutes full of illogical thing that excite us.

    that is brilliant part to attract 400 milions in just a five days.


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