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At first i wanted to post something else but something trigger me to write something about sexual desire. Why?

Recently i had a friend who said to me that a guy can married a second wife with the reason that he cannot resist his sexual desire and to prevent more bad things from happening. It was a concrete reason and a reason it is for man to get a second wife.

However, in my perspective, i am not knowledgeable as others do but i would consider this reason to be unfair and too offensive to a women. By saying this to a Muslim women, 70% of them would agree on allowing their husband to have a second wife.

I don't like a male to say something like this. This is because they are only reasoning in concern for themselves. What about women? How about them regarding their sexual desire? What if they cannot resist and they want to have sex with other guy.

Everyone would say, You are a women, you can only married one guy at a time. I''m a man, i can married 4. You cannot...

Do you see the sexist part of this matter.

To marry a second wife you need to be fair. You need to be the wise and fair man before you can get a second wife. So in my opinion, a good reason always there if you really want to, but above reason should not be use until a guy is stuck with no other good reason and then you can say that. And once you've said it, you would broke someone heart. And you would not be fair to someone. Not fair, no marry.

A guy can marry with this reason but for once think about your wife, your love one. If you really have to marry another, they would always another good reason for it.

I'm not saying those reason is wrong, just unfair. To women.


  1. very true bro
    in conclusion... either man or woman... can't marry more than 1, unless the reason is death... :)

  2. Haha....haha.

    Not death la. We can marry more than one but i just want to highlight the reason must be fair to women.

    If the women does not do his responsibility as a wife, it's a good reason to get another. And if your second marriage bring harmony to both women, or because of you want to help the second wife in her life while still be fair with the first one, it's ok.

    Just don't try to top up women for men's sex need. That one is not fair.

    I do not believe that man is created different from women so that they can marry more than one. The reason why man only can marry more than one is a complicated things which God only will understand. As prophet Muhammad also said that man can marry one if he can be fair to all bring a lot of meaning which we can take as a lesson until today.

    However, i guess traditional muslim only know the rules to follow but did not dig the essence behind it. I am sick of ignorant people.


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