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Sister in Islam

Recently a lot of people start talking about this issues regarding Sister in Islam. I'm an ignorance citizen of Malaysia so i did not know actually what actually the problem here. But wait, didn't i saw that Sister in Islam in TV fighting for women's right regarding polygamy or something like that.

Now i understand the issues, what they are fighting for is actually make sense. But honestly, if you read Koran, you did not need to make your own rules or correct the error because all error comes from us human not God.

Thing actually can be simpler than everyone taught. If women don't want their husband to marry more than one, well don't let them be. Sister in Islam is just like a kid trying to ask for what is right for them. Kids can be very honest.

The problem lies within the member of that organization as they did not show the way they practice Islam from any aspects. This is very dangerous because people can attack you when you put yourselves in a vulnerable state.

As people said " don't throw rock to someone if you live in a house of glass".

This issues is not healthy as people would see Islam in a more negative perspective because of this. For those who understand Islam it would be a matter of considering but for those who did not, they would eventually see Islam as the worse religion ever in this world.

So both party involved in this problem should have a very good discussion and admitting own mistakes would always be the best solution in managing problem.

Koran mention that Allah hate those who talk about something in religion and forgot about other thing. Islam is a thorough religion, understanding islam is hard but once you live in Islam, it would not cause much problem as you would think of.

p/s: i did not support poligami also even though i'm a male muslim. why? because i've seen a lot of crap happen in family because of this. But i didn't say Islam is wrong regarding this because even in Islam it was clearly said only if you can be fair you can marry more than one. isn't Islam beautiful... It's like a tree with many branch and not like a rock..


  1. Today PAS wanna ban SIS. Tommorow PKR and DAP say PAS shouldn't ban SIS. The day after that the newly elected PAS youth leade and former BN Selangor Menteri Besar said that we shouldn't ban but SIS should rahter change their name. Drop the Islam word. Actually PAS didn't say ban, PAS said ban after investigations are done and if there are some proofs that it may harm Islamic beliefs.

    An idea have to be fight with an idea. You shouldn't burn books. Like our ulama have done for all these years when a sect says something that is wrong an ulama will write a kitab to refute it and it still being done till today. The problem is will there be any part of the ummah to learn or read those kitab and the problem is when people take Islam as ideas hence groups like SIS emerge.

    I will try my best not to marry more than one. But if my father wants to marry another one of course I will pity my mother but I will let him marry still. We always wanna protect women's right but forget about our rights. Men's rights.

    We are not created that equal. Like a friend of mine said, to have only one spouse till the day you die is good but what about those men who cannot tahan with one. Maybe you can. It is better for them to marry rather than commit zina (like orang putih do, have affair sana sini) dont you agree? Better to have sex with responsibility than having sex with pure lust.

    One thing malay ppl have to correct their perception. Polygamy is not a sunnah but rather a rukhsah.

  2. Agree. But at some point i would agree but with a point to highlight.

    By saying men's right and the sentences saying that what if men cannot 'tahan' to marry another women, this is partially incorrect. We can say that loud with men but to a women, it would be a little offensive since we are only considering ouselves. What if women cannot 'tahan'. We would chain them in a law that prohibited them to married more than one.

    It's correct but the idea should be change and the idea cannot be used to reason the matter that women are discussing today.

  3. Ur right sir, we should consider others too.

    But to say that we chained them in a law that prohibited them to married more than one, wowowo... This law is neither mine nor yours nor PAS' nor SIS'. It's God's, the engineer who made man and women and know better what's best for both.

    When God send a law, a good believer wil say we listen and we obey, no questions asked. But when time changes the level of people's mind and faith change and questions are being asked. And here comes the hikmah. A good believer dont find a reason or hikmah but to satisfy people like SIS, we can find the hikmahs in every God's law. And to find hikmah sometimes we have to follow the law first, then we can see.

    However in this issue, do watch this clip, for fun and for thought. Why naturally men cannot tahan and women can. We have different test in life anyway.

  4. The clip was funny.

    However, it is sexist. And he is a man who talk sexist for women. hahaha.

    I don't want to show that i'm on women side only. Naturally, i do know that sometimes women overstep the line. For example when they want their right since their right is given to them 1400++ years ago.

    but, sometimes we do think that man can be a total jerk.

    God create man to protect women. Protect them is what we should do.

    Marry a women to protect the women is a noble thing. This is a good reason to get a second wife. haha.

  5. Agree with BoZaki, we must protect women!!


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