Swine Flu prayer.

This is going to be short and brief.

Today, after Solat Jumaat (Jumaat prayer), all the people were asked to perform a prayer to pray that the swine flu will not extent more in our country. Hopefully, God will hear our prayer and protect our family and love one from the virus... amin.

However, why do people pray for swine flu? It is not a swine flu, it is a new virus and it does not really associated with the swine right now. human to human spread. More like human flu. I've read in the paper and some science journal saying that this is a whole new virus. It is not swine flu. I've read article on how scientific community arguing about the name of this new virus. Whether to call it swine flu, new flu, or a(h1n1).

When people start to label it as a swine flu, caused by swine (while pig is actually the mixing vessels for any influenza virus), they try to protect themselves from pig, but forgot that a person beside them has the virus.

The next thing is, Muslim always believed that by prayer, they would not get the virus. Let me make myself clear here. Yes...they will not get it if Allah does not want them to get it. Allah the most powerful.

However, by looking at the islamic community, most of them start to only believed in prayer and not the practical thing to do. I guess no one will go somewhere with the prayer, only if Allah wants it.

So I suggest Muslim nowadays, to pray more, and that is a must but to do more on other things so that we can be the same level as others. I've been to Islamic museum and saw a lot of achievement by Early Muslim Scholar in science. I remember the book i've read a few months ago where a Muslim ruler during Abasiyah gave a Water clock to a Christian leader in Europe as a diplomatic gift and people in Europe was fascinated with the technology that Muslim world have.

Today, they give us internet. And we only pray so that God give us more that internet. We must not


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