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Final Year First Posting

I finally in my final year of study. As usual, no internet in the hostel. And not that much time to go online in library or wherever. Plus, i am lazy. I'm changing to become a very hardworking person today. However, i contracted a fever. Then i lost my motivation. I'm doing my O&G posting now in Likas Women and Child Hospital. It was nice, that hospital is fully air conditioned. Very cold everyday. Maybe that is why i have this fever right now. My immune system is not working well or maybe it is, that is why i'm killing all the virus with the high temperature within me. I am a little nervous going through this final year as people expect me to know everything. However, i did not. But i do know things. Study is quite interesting because everything is a revision for me now. Still there is a sign symptoms of failure that i have. What is it? I guess sign symptoms of failure includes: 1. Lazy 2. Overconfident 3. Lack of motivation 4. Unworried about exams. 5. Poor

Labuan Water problem ( Masalah Air labuan)

I'm sympatize on those people who did not have water supply in their house, those living in rural areas. I've been there. It must be difficult for them. No! I've talked to them, they wwere living their life in a good condition. Goverment gave them tank and they use it as a receptacle for rain. It always rain here in Malaysia. 'We only have difficulty when there is no rain like the last drought. Years ago. 1997 or 1998. We also have wells.' . It must be hard for us, but not for them. What hard is to pay a monthly bills for clean water supply but there is no water in reality. Only on those paper that we received by the end of the months should we 'see' water...or it cost. But there is no water technically. This is what happen here in Labuan. A small island that you can neglect in the world map but it consists of more than 70 000 people living and craving for water for the last 11 years. It all started during the last el nino on 1997. Water became dry in

Lampu Brek Ketiga jokes.

Traffic rules is rational and created by those with the brain. However, sometimes it can be very idiot and stupid practically. This is what happen to me. I am a very particular person of law and rules. I checked my car and everything before getting on to the road. I hate breaking rules. If i can stay clean i will stay clean forever. I am the most clean person on the road i think. Never got summoned. Haha. But bad luck is always around the corner. And i feel the reason why i got caught and fined this morning was a total joke. I checked my car, and then i drive my car. There is a road block and i don't care. I did not do anything wrong. My road tax is brand new, my license updated, all my tire is brand new and i am raedy for it. However those police asked me to get off to the side of the road. must be something wrong. After i gave my license, without any clue, he then said to me.. "Encik melakukan satu kesalahan, iaitu lampu brek ketiga tidak menyala." I was so blur

Religion is free

Why those people living in non-muslim country have a hard time to practive islam religion. Why france keep prejudice to those people wearing hijab? Why lot of country prohibited hijab or at last discriminate them? Why lot of country blame islam as a terrorist? Why Islam is being criticized as it is the only religion which is not supposed to exist? I am truly happy to live in Malaysia where i can practice my religion freely and live with other religion in one place. what did i do so that i can feel free like this? Simple..i am not religous. I pray 5 times per day, study Koran, and do what i can and avoid what i cannot do in my religion. And the most important thing, i did not bother about power and conquer which mean trying to convert other or make other believe what i believe. This is esential to live in harmony. I understand that some or almost all religion order their people to convert each other, but i did not bother about it. Why? I will go to hell with this attitude? I h

Labuan Bridge

Today, a lady came to my house doing survery regarding Labuan to Mempakul bridge. The bridge that have been anticipated for a very long time. It is like labuan's dream came true if they built that bridge. Why do they need to take respond from every person in labuan regarding that bridge. They did gave rational answer to my question, they want to know whether people of labuan really want that bridge. hell yeah they do. Who did not want a bridge from Labuan to the mainland? Who one to be isolated here in this island with the only way out is by those dangerous motorbot, or that fan-dropped ferry to menumbok ( i heard from my father that only big ferry to menumbok lost one of his engine fan a few days ago making it like a handicap. Driving through the sea by only one fan, so slow), or by once a day flight to Kota Kinabalu. I am sure not many labuan choose to use airplanes. One flight? And even i checked in airasia a few weeks ago, there is no flight listed. Why? Maybe error in their

Isreal can attack Iran?

What actually the f--- is going on around American's brain? They are totally not a type of people which i should let my generation learn from them. Why did i say this? Because i just read that American let Israel attack Iran nuclear station because of this reason 1. Israel is sovereign country, and 2. Israel can think and protect themselves from Iran nucleaer power. Well, if you are a kid or teenager or something, this is quite rational. But if you are old enough, you must think about the consequences and what image are they trying to reflect here. As i'm not anti america, i always hope they are doing the right thing. The problem is, if Israel want to attack others, they let them. But, if others trying to attack Israel..,no no no..that is terrorism. And about the sovereign, i guess Iran is also a sovereign country. If america really want to show that they are fighting terrorism, no war should be allowed no matter who they are. Now is clear. Fighting terrorism is not about s

Malay origin

One 21 gun, lay down your arm, give up the fight, throw up your arms into the sky.. . If you are doing your homework and you end up reading this blog, well you went to the wrong place for an answer, but you are in the right place for a question. I always doubt thing. I like to think. I supposed that God does not give us mind and brain just and ask us to stop thinking and forget everything, just pray. No way. God teach adam and even the angels say "i don't know" to the question that God give to adam. So i think. What i think is regarding the origin of malay. Surely i will go and search for a book for this matter. Yeah, but i still do not have a clue on which book to read. Maybe i will meet the perfect book for my question here. My question is, if Malay, i am not speaking on 'ethnic group here but more to the race. The malays, where does it started? I'm watching a television this morning regarding homestay in Kelantan. They quote " if you want to look at t

Contreversial Quran

Lot of people ignore on discussion regarding the history of Quran. Lot of western scholar always argue that the modern quran was not authentic as it was claimed. They are variation from the early found quran and the modern one. One great phenomenon was the suddenly found ancient quran in sana mosque which nowadays they called it Sana' Codex. It was so early dated back at around 650-700 bc. I forgot the real date for that quran but it was so near to the death of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Now the codex was one of the most valuable treasure on earth and UN have decided to make sure it was taken care. However, again, lot of contrevesy arise when those non-believers of islam start to rise up an issues that they are different in sana' codex and other ancient codex compare to the modern quran. Even the person who are doing the ongoing research to study the text did not claim anything yet, however, those person who are thinking with their closed mind start to say, quran is false. it w

Labuan Food

When you came to Labuan, you would complain of the food. This place got nothing to eat. Only got KFC, Pizza and McD ( some people missed that 1901 stall. I love 1901). Let me tell you that labuan is not a city, it is a town. A small town. It was a great thing that Labuan got 2 kfc and pizza, and mcD and 1901. When you go to Sabah, i believed if that place got KFC, it is quite modern already. This small island is very lucky to have all those thing. Lot of people complained of the food in labuan. tasteless, yerk, you should go to my place and you will see what food really is..... Those people are ignorant people. Too ignorant to use brain to think and to use heart to consider. However, for the first time, i would agree regarding the food. it is not that good. I remember 10 years ago maybe or 15 years, where all Labuan's food is cook with the heart and it was simple yet delicous. But nowadays, lot of stall and restaurant in Labuan own by Labuan people but the food is cooked by

Labuan is my favourite place

A small island, everyone hate it. No place to go. No big shopping mall. No delicious food, nothing. Hot. No water. This island is a rubbish. This is what people always talk about labuan. But how much time they spend here in Labuan to make the statement? Some say long enough, i stay here for 4 years. damn Bullshit. 4 years kids does not know how to speak correctly for everyone information. I stay in Kota Kinabalu for quite a long time. I love Kota Kinabalu, there is so many thing to do, places to go and food to eat. I stay in Kuching for a month, i love that place. So interesting. I've been to Langkawi and that place was amazing. Truely a place where i want to live. However, Labuan is my favourite place to stay. Why is that? Don't look at how many place you can go, or how many shop there is, but look at the simplicity of this small island life. So simple until you don't have to think about anything. Do you need to consider when to go to the town and get some food supply