Contreversial Quran

Lot of people ignore on discussion regarding the history of Quran.

Lot of western scholar always argue that the modern quran was not authentic as it was claimed. They are variation from the early found quran and the modern one.

One great phenomenon was the suddenly found ancient quran in sana mosque which nowadays they called it Sana' Codex. It was so early dated back at around 650-700 bc. I forgot the real date for that quran but it was so near to the death of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Now the codex was one of the most valuable treasure on earth and UN have decided to make sure it was taken care.

However, again, lot of contrevesy arise when those non-believers of islam start to rise up an issues that they are different in sana' codex and other ancient codex compare to the modern quran. Even the person who are doing the ongoing research to study the text did not claim anything yet, however, those person who are thinking with their closed mind start to say, quran is false. it was created by mere human.

It was so funny to look at those people.

There is also a problem in islam site. Some argue not to examine those treasure, and ask only to preserved it. This is not a wise thing to do since it will raise more question to those people who are waiting to destroy other person religion.

Dr.Gerd puin, who are studying this codex mention in a magazine that he say that this sana codex proof that there is variation in calligraphic history of quran. I am not that surprise as those who hate quran so much. why? Because i've read quran. At least once. And at least two version of it. When i said two version, don't misuderstand that there are two version of quran, no, the different between the two is the way they write the word. The meaning is always the same. (it is just like the old bahasa melayu where baca was spelled as bacha long time ago).

This is why i was not surprise when Puinn quote that thing. I will became surprise if it is proved that the old sana' meaning is different and told muslim not believed in Allah or Muhammad, that is a surprise. But i guess it will not. haha. trust me.

Even in Mar. 1999 Puin himself wrote a letter to the president of the General Organization Of Antiquities and Libraries of Yemen and it was published in the country's newspapers:

"The important thing is that these Yemeni Quranic fragments do not differ from those found in the museums and libraries elsewhere, with the exception of details that do not touch the Quran itself, but are rather differences in the way words are spelled. This phenomenon is well-known, even in the Quran published in Cairo in which is written (in Arabic text).

In an open mind, i hope Muslim should understand the positive thing in studying the earliset quran. however, we must keep in mind that during the collection of quranic verses, they were a lot of argument arise until Khalifa Uthman take a very wise action to destroy other version of quran which is not proven to be authentic. This is wise, because if a street man create his own sentences of quran and muslim just follow it, it would be stupid. Try to learn the history on how they try so hard to make sure that every sentences is the sentence coming from Prophet Muhammad from Allah. (however, lot of ignorant people start to call that Khalifa Uthman act was unwise and merely a cover up to destroy the real version of quran).

Anything came out from the study on sana's codex would be very interesting. Maybe we did miss something that was told by Prophet Muhammad and we should not miss that forever. Islam was a new religion brought by prophet Muhammad. Because it was new, compare to other, it must be easier to study it.

p/s: I was a little concern about people who hate islam but study islam to attack islam. this is not right. I guess if I study christian, would i study it because i hate Jesus or try to say that christian is wrong? That is not a way of studying thing. It's a bias.

Even in Islam teaching never said not to believe Jesus. If people did not know, Islam is more like correcting and not an antagonist as it was pictured today in the media. I've read the quran and i remember some senteces said that those al kitab or ahli kitab (meaning people following jesus or moses) will also get their reward from Allah if they followed what really jesus tell and moses tell to them

Enough said. Don't be rude.


  1. love this entry.

    sbnarnya aku mo komen dr ari tuh, tp bila cerita ttg kitab suci ni, kena lah wise kan..

    tp aku tidak wise. aku cuma mampu utk komen benda2 yg mengarut. heheh

    ari tuh aku jumpa sebuah buku ttg sejarah al-quran, tp duit aku ngam2 sma budget aku, jd nda terbeli.
    insya Allah kalau ada rezeki nanti aku beli lahh

  2. Aku suka part history dia.haha.aku suka pula bab2 sejarah ni.

    If you learn the historical part of quran, it was really interesting but we must find a good book because lot of book out there is not historically but more to condemning quran.

    What i love abut quran history is, it is compiled by people who are with Prophet Muhammad, live with him, fight in war with him, listen to his word, like a first degree friend in friendster. haha. Compare to other book which usually compiled so late by people who are not witnessing the history in the making. No offense here because i'm talking about the historical part. I hope people don't misunderstood what i said. everyone is free to decide which book is true or not, that is for those religious people to argue and fight. For me, i just love the history of it.

    One story that i like the most is when those people who are compiling al-quran are very dedicated to find al the recitation from the first degree listener.

    The bad thing is, they lost the two original copy of quran. One is kept in Siti Aisyah house, and one is kept by...i forgot that person name. This two is the original one where they refer when they are compiling rasm uthmani. Damn if i found that original one written on camel skin, pelepah kurma and everything, i will be the richest person in the world. hahahah...

    maybe during that time, those people did not know the value of that thing. And i heard the original copy kept by siti aisyah lost because of the war she involved later during the late khulafa ar-raysidin period.

    Where is that original copy? where is it? Did anyone try to find it. It's a national treasure. A world treasure or even, a God's treasure.


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