Isreal can attack Iran?

What actually the f--- is going on around American's brain? They are totally not a type of people which i should let my generation learn from them.

Why did i say this? Because i just read that American let Israel attack Iran nuclear station because of this reason 1. Israel is sovereign country, and 2. Israel can think and protect themselves from Iran nucleaer power.

Well, if you are a kid or teenager or something, this is quite rational. But if you are old enough, you must think about the consequences and what image are they trying to reflect here. As i'm not anti america, i always hope they are doing the right thing.

The problem is, if Israel want to attack others, they let them. But, if others trying to attack Israel..,no no no..that is terrorism.

And about the sovereign, i guess Iran is also a sovereign country. If america really want to show that they are fighting terrorism, no war should be allowed no matter who they are. Now is clear. Fighting terrorism is not about stopping the war and trying to achieve peace but more on to trying to destroy the middle east so that america and israel can achieve peace.

I can say here, Iran is doing something wrong because that country is too aggresive on its nuclear power. But if you start to attack first, you will always be the one who are wrong. If a robbers want to rob a bank, and you rob the robbers first and you said the robbers is guilty because he want to rob a bank, it does not make sense.

World will never achieve peace if there are people like this. Not only america and israel, but to all the people who like to start a war. anyone. hamas, iran, al-qaeda, taliban, america, israel, world will be better without them.


p/s: why don't america attack north korea first. I think that country is a little more troublesome here. Just kidding, if i suggest to start a war then i have to hate myself.


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