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Labuan Food

When you came to Labuan, you would complain of the food. This place got nothing to eat. Only got KFC, Pizza and McD ( some people missed that 1901 stall. I love 1901).

Let me tell you that labuan is not a city, it is a town. A small town. It was a great thing that Labuan got 2 kfc and pizza, and mcD and 1901. When you go to Sabah, i believed if that place got KFC, it is quite modern already. This small island is very lucky to have all those thing.

Lot of people complained of the food in labuan. tasteless, yerk, you should go to my place and you will see what food really is.....

Those people are ignorant people. Too ignorant to use brain to think and to use heart to consider.

However, for the first time, i would agree regarding the food. it is not that good. I remember 10 years ago maybe or 15 years, where all Labuan's food is cook with the heart and it was simple yet delicous. But nowadays, lot of stall and restaurant in Labuan own by Labuan people but the food is cooked by those immigrant. Not to be racist, but their cooking is sucks. haha. Where are those Labuanese who know how to cook? Obviously they were in their house, so eating good food in Labuan, does not mean eating outside.

Lot of Labuan's cuisines are not spicy. This is reality. I guess not many Labuanese eat spicy food. Now they are. Some of them. This is the influences bring by those people migrating from Semenanjung. As you can see, some people in labuan also call them immigrant. They are dominating goverment sectors, grabbing all the job in this small island and living labuanese to become nothing but a drug dealer. haha.

I did not agree with this. Yes they are plenty of them here, plenty of them in office and everywhere, but this is the price we pay for them as Labuan was taken as a federal territory. I believed that Labuanese also have that potential to compete. but lack of effort make them work in tie, while we work in the fish market. So don't get it wrong.

I'm off topic.

I love the food here in this island. Everyday i got to eat fish. Fish and fish. We seldom eat chicken. Now we have to eat chicken because the fish is becoming more and more expensive. I do not know why an island, sell an expensive fish.

If i want to eat outside, only some places i would choose to go, Mamak restaurant, because i did not cook mamak food in the house. Or i went to those seafood places. Not because their food is great but i just want to relax and ate my food at the beach.

KFC and other fast food is the same in other places.

I have this story regarding this. They are some of people i knew from Semenanjung, even said that KFC labuan is sucks. What the heck? That is too much. If people mock about the labuan cuisine, make sense because our tongue is vary from each person but to say KFC also sucks. Must be some problem there in the brain. better get a ct scan.

Honestly, sometime i also becoming a jerk. This is because I love to eat manhattan fish market, fish n co and all those franchise until i taste every food in labuan's restaurant tasteless. huhu.

One unique thing about labuan is, the good food is in chinese restaurant. yeah, i know, some people scared to eat in chinese restaurant. Pork in their mind. But in Labuan, lot of chinese restaurant are Halal.

Just mention Nam Thong, who did not know this historical restaurant, and those kentucky chicken rice beside Ambank was nice. Salad Chicken rice near jetty was good. But all those are chinese restaurant right? This is what so unique about Labuan.

I remember one time, bringing a religous person to eat in Labuan and the person back off because he scared to eat in chinese restaurant. This is a typical malay perception. however, in labuan, and sabah, and even sarawak ( i went to kuching last month) did not mind the concept of hybrid chinese malay restaurant.

However, beware because some chinese food in Labuan serve pork.

Forgot to mention Soto Labuan. The most favourite food in labuan. It is nice. But there are technique to eat this food. If you order and eaet just like that, you are doing it wrong and it must taste not too good. The technique is to fill the soup with soya sauce, some chillie and lime juice according to your taste.

Labuan Honey Chicken wing, this use to be a legend along time ago. I remember it was broadcasted in television as a way to promote labuan. The best chicken wing in Malaysia. I have to admit that. 10-15 years ago, those wings is heavenly taste. So nice. So tender, mild sweetness, all spices to the perfection. However, now, it was a legend. Today chicken wings just a normal honey chicken wing that you can bought at other places in sabah. Why the best chicken wing disappear? This is because of the ignorant people of labuan. Those chicken wing only sold at the road side. No one ever try to build a restaurant, a proper one or at least a permanent stall for it. Those chicken disappear.

I guess if you want to taste the chicken, it must be near Labuan Supermarket near bus stop. That place is where the legendary chicken wing use to be. I guess they were still there. However that place is dirty. I don't like it.

Other food? Ambuyat brunei style. Paha-paha,and all those malay brunei food, you cannot get from any restaurant in Labuan. Only serve at home. I wonder if someone have this idea to open a restaurant that sell traditional labuan cuisine. yeah. why not?

But if you want to taste the brunei food, just go to brunei. haha. Near labuan. Or go to Papar kota kinabalu.

Ahhhhhhhh.... i love labuan so much. I could not believe that i will live outside labuan in the future. But still, this place will become my love. The unbreakable love for this island.


  1. waaah. ebatnya knowledge ko pasal makanan di labuan. heheh

    aku plg skaa sambal yg mom ko buat tuhh. ka sos? yg ada limau segala tuh. sgt sedap =D

    aku setujua cakap ko pasal dulu dan skrg tak sama.
    ari tuh balek labuan lepak dekat restoran M*****O, yg kononnya sgt femes kat labuan tu, aku pesan lah nasi goreng kampung. sgt tak sedap.
    berminyak, dan, err tak sedap la.
    mungkin sebab cook dia tak lagi memasak dengan cinta. heheh
    sedap lg makanan kat Kafe Indera Jati Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan, murah plakk tuhh.


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