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Labuan Water problem ( Masalah Air labuan)

I'm sympatize on those people who did not have water supply in their house, those living in rural areas. I've been there. It must be difficult for them.


I've talked to them, they wwere living their life in a good condition. Goverment gave them tank and they use it as a receptacle for rain. It always rain here in Malaysia. 'We only have difficulty when there is no rain like the last drought. Years ago. 1997 or 1998. We also have wells.' .

It must be hard for us, but not for them.

What hard is to pay a monthly bills for clean water supply but there is no water in reality. Only on those paper that we received by the end of the months should we 'see' water...or it cost. But there is no water technically.

This is what happen here in Labuan. A small island that you can neglect in the world map but it consists of more than 70 000 people living and craving for water for the last 11 years.

It all started during the last el nino on 1997. Water became dry in Sabah, as the only water supply to labuan is from Sabah, then all labuanese including me were having a tough time to live. With water enough only to drink but not to clean, it was difficult. Right after the drought, everyone think that it is all over but it does not. Every day for the next 11 years after that, there is still lack of water here in Labuan. The reason or excused given were broken pipe, not enough water pressure, broken pipe again, again broken pipe, and the latest one is Petronas taking too much water for their industry. Forget all that. If there is problem, there must be a way to fix it.

All i heard is they were going to fix this problem not until september. So we must suffer until then. Why so long? The reason is goverment need to buy water pump to pump more water. What are they doing for the last 11 years? Waiting for that pump to come? Poor management. It is always poor management here in Labuan.

Did goverment privatise Jabatan Kerja Raya? Well does this is the result of privatising? I thought privatising is way to serve better service to the people.

Everyone is suffering here in Labuan. The most 'dry' place is said to be Taman Mutiara, Matrikulasi Labuan, UMS labuan, but they forget those village as they are only looking narrowly to only these places. Let me tell the truth that every villages have the same problem here in Labuan. You must be saying that i am lying but why do i have to? I am living in this island and i know eerything, i am not living alone. All people were talking about it.

Good enough if some places get their water for 1 hour or 2 hour per day but in my area, no water for 4-5 days, or even weeks.

My true story, there is always water problem in my house, when i enter Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan, still the same problem. When i enter Matriculation College, there is still water problem. When i enter university outside labuan..thanks god, there is no problem in water supply. But when i get back for holiday to labuan, there are still water supply problem, lack of water supply in Labuan. I am in my final year of study. Fifth year of study. Since my secondary school until now? How long is that?

How are we going to get water for ourselves? River? We don't have river here in Labuan or even there are, it would not be safe to be drinked. Collecting rain water? yes, that is one solution. Going back to the old age.

Thing become worse when rain did not provide enough water so the only methods is to asked for water from those Jabatan or now they call it KTAK or something. Privatised. They can send water by tank lorry when there is crisis like this however, as i said 70 000 people in labuan, and they only have not more than 10 truck i think. Or only 2. Last time i heard that they only have 2 truck.

Thing become more worse ( more than worse), when those people working to supply water with the truck are acting rude to us. We only asked for water, and your job is to sent it. Yes we understand there are lot of people asking for water but, why do you have to raise a voice? Are they tension and stress because lot of people beg for water. BEG FOR WATER!. Why there is such problem in the first place? Is it because of the people in labuan use too much water or have too many kids that wasted a lot of water? Or because of your incompetency and mismanagemet of resources causing this problem?

We are customer in the first place. This is trader customer relationship. They give water, we pay, we shut up. They did not give water, we pay, we won't keep it shut.

In the end, the water will arrive by the end of every month, but in the form of paper. paper with numbers stating how much we should pay for this month. While there is no actual water arrived in our house....


  1. Hehe. Ini belum masuk cerita masalah letrik lagi.


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