Lampu Brek Ketiga jokes.

Traffic rules is rational and created by those with the brain. However, sometimes it can be very idiot and stupid practically.

This is what happen to me. I am a very particular person of law and rules. I checked my car and everything before getting on to the road. I hate breaking rules. If i can stay clean i will stay clean forever. I am the most clean person on the road i think. Never got summoned. Haha.

But bad luck is always around the corner. And i feel the reason why i got caught and fined this morning was a total joke.

I checked my car, and then i drive my car. There is a road block and i don't care. I did not do anything wrong. My road tax is brand new, my license updated, all my tire is brand new and i am raedy for it.

However those police asked me to get off to the side of the road. must be something wrong.

After i gave my license, without any clue, he then said to me..

"Encik melakukan satu kesalahan, iaitu lampu brek ketiga tidak menyala."

I was so blur then i asked, "Which one?" Then he said again and then i asked again by turning my head 180 degree to the back. Then he point his finger to the brake light and without seeing that light i just say "oo".

I got a fine. haha.

What is the joke here?

Do you get it?

Let me clarifiy.

First, he said i am the one who make mistake....what the f. Those lamp burnt now it is my fault?.. This is funny but still rational, i should check it first. I did.

The second thing is, do you get it when i try to turn my head 180 degree to look at the brake light and i still could not see it. Then how am i supposed to know the brake light went off when i was driving? Magic? Or maybe the car behind me gave me a call telling me about that? ( if supposed he would know my phone number or even know me at all). Or even when i am not driving, i should press the brake while i left my head behind the car? Or suddenly asked a pedestrian to stand behind my car and watch my brake light? No other method to do if you are a solo guy driving a car and suddenly brake lamp went off and in front of you there is a road block. Pure bad luck.

It was totally a joke. Rules sometime so stupid and make unlucky person like me has to pay a penalty which considered to be stupid.

I did not know why they make this kind of rules. However, if i talk rationally here, i guess the rules have to apply to those people who really do not obey the rules.

And to those people using new car which have warning if one lamp on their car went off. I am driving 1983 nissan sunny 130y. I never get any warning if one of my lamp does not want to turn on.



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