Malay origin

One 21 gun, lay down your arm, give up the fight, throw up your arms into the sky...

If you are doing your homework and you end up reading this blog, well you went to the wrong place for an answer, but you are in the right place for a question.

I always doubt thing. I like to think. I supposed that God does not give us mind and brain just and ask us to stop thinking and forget everything, just pray. No way. God teach adam and even the angels say "i don't know" to the question that God give to adam. So i think.

What i think is regarding the origin of malay. Surely i will go and search for a book for this matter. Yeah, but i still do not have a clue on which book to read. Maybe i will meet the perfect book for my question here.

My question is, if Malay, i am not speaking on 'ethnic group here but more to the race. The malays, where does it started?

I'm watching a television this morning regarding homestay in Kelantan. They quote " if you want to look at the oldest malay tradition, you must go to Kelantan where Malay tradition were kept for generation". True. However, i have study that Malay is not only consist of Malay. I'm speaking of the group here. The Malay group. As most people know that a malay group consist of every other ethnic group including the dayak, dusun and jawa, and others. I don't want to discuss that here. it will be very long.

In particular, one of the branch of that group exist longer than any other branch. Do you know what i am talking about? About the origin of human in this region. What they found in sarawak proven to be the first man here in this region. That bone is older than any other history og mankind in this region. So why does every ethnic group in borneo are under the Malay group?

Aren't they supposed to be on the top of that family tree?

I guess non of the readers of this article know what i mean here... hahahaha. I just love to explore to this matter.

I know that there is a lot o theory on the origin of Malay. The most accepted theory is we are migration from China (which most Malay don't want to accept this i guess). Malay also means 'migrate' which refer to the high mobility of this group of people around the southeast region of asia.

I've read that they were 4 type of race in De generi humani varietate nativ. The four is caucassion, ethiopian, american and mongolian. Some anthropologist add Malay to be the fifth later but i don't know whether this is accepted now since mixture of races is going global today. This thing is quite nonsense if people classify race by colour.

And other theory saying that we are under mongolian group. Which i think can be possible since Mongolian is a very powerful back then. No problem for them to establish here in southeast asia.

Where actually did we came from? Why Brunei Malay is different from Malay coming from Semenanjung even though we have a lot of thing in common. And what about Malay in Sarawak? Where did malay came from?



  1. love this entry.

    even people of Philippines are Malays!

    tu pasal dulu pernah ada gagasan Maphilindo, sbb utk menyatukan org2 di kepulauan / rantau Melayu nihh...


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