Religion is free

Why those people living in non-muslim country have a hard time to practive islam religion.

Why france keep prejudice to those people wearing hijab?

Why lot of country prohibited hijab or at last discriminate them?

Why lot of country blame islam as a terrorist?

Why Islam is being criticized as it is the only religion which is not supposed to exist?

I am truly happy to live in Malaysia where i can practice my religion freely and live with other religion in one place.

what did i do so that i can feel free like this?

Simple..i am not religous. I pray 5 times per day, study Koran, and do what i can and avoid what i cannot do in my religion.

And the most important thing, i did not bother about power and conquer which mean trying to convert other or make other believe what i believe. This is esential to live in harmony.

I understand that some or almost all religion order their people to convert each other, but i did not bother about it. Why? I will go to hell with this attitude? I hope not.

Because i don't want to become offensive to other religion. It's annoying when someone come to you and tell you story about how true is their religion. Even i myself feel annoyed when i do that to someone else. To know the truth, we must study and find the truth. Not by asking someone to believe what we believe.

This goes to all religion that i have encounter. Islam, christian, buddha, hindu, and science. Everyone must not try to convert each other. If their religion is good enough, surely someone will join with an open heart.

Truly my opinion. Religous people must hate me a lot. haha.





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