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Paediatric Protocol

For medical student, who want to save their life during paediatric posting, during clinic, during bed side teaching, or just simply want to learn on the management of common diseases in Paediatric, well this is the thing that you need. It is called Paediatric protocol for Malaysian Hospital, 2nd edition. I believe all medical student should have this protocol. It was very nice. I love it so much because it is simple and also small in size so you can carry around when you are wondering around the ward. It is funny that medical student have their own small book for every posting to put it inside their labcoat. I also got this habit. It is good actually because if i bring a big book in front of a patient, it would inappropriate and make them scared a little bit because they thought that this doctor don't know anything until he need to bring a big book to refer. Most uneducated patient look at medical student as a doctor. they could not differentiate them. So i guess when i'm

The Lost Symbol

1. The lost symbol will be released in 19 days. I was excited to be one of the first one reading this book. However, looking to the price, i guess i cannnot. RM99 pre book at times for hard cover.. i need to wait for the paperback version of it. PDA version is much more cheaper but i hate reading electronic book. Not like i am old fashoned or something, i just don't like because it make my eyes tired compare to reading the paper version. Anticipate the lost symbol. p/s: The Lost symbol is the sequence for Dan Brown latest book The Da Vinci Code . Angel And Demons --> The Da Vinci Code --> The Lost Symbol. The Da Vinci code sold 60.5 millions worldwide and translated into 44 languages. It was credited to be in the fourth rank in the list of 101 best book ever written. 2. Drinking beer.. . 6 strokes... This is the issues here in Malaysia. It was just a simple matter. Someone doing something wrong according to the religion, and then got punished, the person accept it. So w

Thalassemia Situation

It's critical. Ever since i went to Medical school here in sabah, the only expertise i automatically get is in Thalassemia. I have met a lot of Thalassemia cases and i have seen the consequences of it. Lot of people are talking about preventing this inherited diseases. Everywhere we can see the campaign of preventing Thalassemia by doing screening and everything. However, not so many people are looking into those person who already has the diseases. Those who cannot prevent it. Those who suffer because of the consequences done by their ignorance parent. My point is, we should look more into this people. How to manage them, how to increase their quality of life. It was like people start to talk about preventing thalassemia and forget those who had it as they are like dying with no hope of a normal life. It is a wrong idea to classified them as terminal. They don't. We can manage and make their life much better and as normal as others. We have plenty of money to buy medicati

District 9

it has been a while. My movie day it not really interesting nowadays, not only because i don't have much time to watch as i spend most of my time in the hospital or sleeping, but it also contribute by the fact that most movies today are sucks. Let us start from Transformer 2. It was a big movie. Yes, i could not deny that it was one of the best movie ever in term of action, graphic, all the boom inside it make my adrenal gland stimulated. But it lacks of something. I could not describe that thing but when i watched transformer for the second time, i did not have that feeling that i had when i watch the first movie a year ago. Transformer 1 is unbeatable. I like transformer 2 but too much action, and too little story. Then i watch harry potter. I am not a fan of it. But i'm watching it with a fan of Harry potter. Then i gett so boring.... and not only me, that big fan of harry potter also said that the movie is boring. Compare to other harry potter movies. So, my worse movie

Three Cups of Tea

A title of a book. Three Cups of Tea. It is a very simple book to read. The story is about how a man give up his normal life as a medical nurse and sold everything he had just to build a school in Pakistan. It was really inspiring. How can a human like that exist in this world. Just to provide education to a rural area in Pakistan, he would leave his wife and children, live in a car, live with no money, just to give others education. Through out the book, i found that not only him exist, there are others, teachers in pakistan, afghanistan and other middle east country who only get 1 dollar salary for a month to teach local children. And most of them did not get any salary at all. However, they still teach because what they want to create is a better and peace world. Lot of people nowadays did not do their job because of the benefit to others but mostly benefit to themselves. But we could not blame those people because people have their need. So salary and good income is a need to ev

Those times...

I do not know what to say but i know that i am so busy nowadays in my final year in medical school. Even if i am not, i always think about it. There is no more thing such as free time because when i was free, i would become a little afraid. Afraid that why i am so free... I need to fill my time with everything that i need to know for the coming exam and my future career. It is true that after 2012, hospital in Malaysia would be too crowded with house officer. Trainee doctor. So i heard that they are limiting the number of intake of new graduate from medical school. It is a bad news but luckily i am graduating next year so i hope i still have a place to do my housemenship. Where should i go? it was a clear set in my mind to my housemenship in Kota Kinabalu. However, i am now still revising and thinking of it. Sarawak is in my consideration right now but i still did not have the right point to go there. But i am sure that Sabah and sarawak is the place where i want to work later. Som