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Thalassemia Situation

It's critical. Ever since i went to Medical school here in sabah, the only expertise i automatically get is in Thalassemia. I have met a lot of Thalassemia cases and i have seen the consequences of it. Lot of people are talking about preventing this inherited diseases. Everywhere we can see the campaign of preventing Thalassemia by doing screening and everything. However, not so many people are looking into those person who already has the diseases. Those who cannot prevent it. Those who suffer because of the consequences done by their ignorance parent. My point is, we should look more into this people. How to manage them, how to increase their quality of life. It was like people start to talk about preventing thalassemia and forget those who had it as they are like dying with no hope of a normal life. It is a wrong idea to classified them as terminal. They don't. We can manage and make their life much better and as normal as others. We have plenty of money to buy medicati