District 9

it has been a while.

My movie day it not really interesting nowadays, not only because i don't have much time to watch as i spend most of my time in the hospital or sleeping, but it also contribute by the fact that most movies today are sucks.

Let us start from Transformer 2. It was a big movie. Yes, i could not deny that it was one of the best movie ever in term of action, graphic, all the boom inside it make my adrenal gland stimulated. But it lacks of something. I could not describe that thing but when i watched transformer for the second time, i did not have that feeling that i had when i watch the first movie a year ago. Transformer 1 is unbeatable. I like transformer 2 but too much action, and too little story.

Then i watch harry potter. I am not a fan of it. But i'm watching it with a fan of Harry potter. Then i gett so boring.... and not only me, that big fan of harry potter also said that the movie is boring. Compare to other harry potter movies. So, my worse movie day again.

With some pressure, i force myself to go and watch GI Joe last week. From the beginning i felt that GI Joe is just a movie with unlogical thing however, compare to transformer, i did not like the unlogical thing in GI Joe. It was boring. and the story line is too plain. I know they will win, a twist of the bad guys becoming a president is too predictable. And the basic history if the organization is not so well presented. So one worse movie again.

Then i don't have anymore anticipated movie to watch. I walk around the cinema, then i realize some poster showing "No Human allowed!" movie titled District 9. Plain sound. Could be boring.

As i watch that movie, i don't have intention to watch it but since there is no other thing to watch, i found out that the beginning of the movie is kind of Cloverfield-like. But still, it look like a documentary. I began to hope that the documentary part is only a small portion of the movie. I want to see good image in it. Guess what, i am not dissapointed by this one.

District 9 is a movie so different from other movie, and the story is unpredictable. I could not predict the end, the climax.. it have that element of surprise. I really like it.

In the end, i learn my lesson, a good movie, does not really have to be promoted so fiercefully as transformer, harry potter, gi joe and everything. One it needs is a fresh new idea and story.

For those who has not watch this movie, try and watch it. I like the idea of the movie. Sometime it is funny. Sometimes there is a lesson that we can learn from it.


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