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The Lost Symbol

1. The lost symbol will be released in 19 days. I was excited to be one of the first one reading this book. However, looking to the price, i guess i cannnot. RM99 pre book at times for hard cover.. i need to wait for the paperback version of it. PDA version is much more cheaper but i hate reading electronic book. Not like i am old fashoned or something, i just don't like because it make my eyes tired compare to reading the paper version. Anticipate the lost symbol.

p/s: The Lost symbol is the sequence for Dan Brown latest book The Da Vinci Code.

Angel And Demons --> The Da Vinci Code --> The Lost Symbol.

The Da Vinci code sold 60.5 millions worldwide and translated into 44 languages. It was credited to be in the fourth rank in the list of 101 best book ever written.

2. Drinking beer... 6 strokes... This is the issues here in Malaysia. It was just a simple matter. Someone doing something wrong according to the religion, and then got punished, the person accept it. So what is the matter of all people trying to use this issue to potrait Islam negatively. I like this kind of punishment rather than looking to Muslim and Muslimah drinking beer publicly without shame or even without thinking of others who are trying hard to conserve and protect the holy islam.

If somehow, that women ask for mercy, i guess forgiveness is always there to be considered. However, she did not. What is wrong with all the people nowadays. it is like stealing and admit it and people are pushing to make the stealer not guilty. or like a murder who admit murder but being force to deny it. haha. funny.

3. I hate muslim drinking beer. In fact i hate all person who does. Why? Because when they got drunk, they look stupid, they disturb other, and nothing cool about that. For those who drank occasionally (for non-muslim) it is fine with me. No book or any fact say that you must drink until you collapse and get positive outcome.

4. Alcohol consumption is one of the important to ask during history taking in medicine. Until we cannot omit that question for all kind of diseases history. You got cancer, ask about alcohol intake. You got TB, ask about alcohol intake. You are infertile, ask about alcohol intake. You got stroke, ask about alcohol intake. Everything is related to alcohol. Almost every diseases are associated with alcohol and smoking. That is why i hate this two think. Looking at a person smoking disguist me. Are they cool? Not if you encounter them on the bed begging for forgiveness from god to spare their life.

5. Sexual education should include education on conception and contraception. It should include all the positive thing about sex and not only the negative thing. Education should not only bound to negativeness or it would cause unwanted disaster later. For example, if you teach your children regarding the negative thing about western people such as america, your child would end up being a suicide bomber. Same goes for sexual education. Why?

I've encounter some of unplanned adoloscent pregnancy. It was wrong even medically. Female should get pregnant within the age of 18-24 years old. If below 18 years old, a lot of antenatal complication can occur. What if this teen got pregnant? Most of them would considered this as a mistake, then there goes their babies inside the dustbin, in the ditch, in the river, ate by dog. Why this happen? Why they don't have mercy on those poor baby. The mistake is them. Not the baby.

This happen when you educate the young people only regarding the bad side of sexuality and conception. They always have a mind set that their unwanted baby would cause trouble and getting rid of them is the only solution.

I believed that good education is not wrong. We are not encouraging them but we want no consequences from every aspect of their action.

6. Fasting month is supposed to be the month where you can be empathy to those poor who did not have anything to eat. However, i believe that in Malaysia, people ate more during Ramadhan. There are so many food available almost everywhere. No other month we can get so much food like this. Before Ramadhan, use rm 2 for breakfast, rm4.5 for lunch and another rm5 for dinner. Average RM10 everyday. In Ramadhan, Mee goreng rm2, murtabak rm1.5. Ayam percik RM5, air tebu botol kecil rm1.5, kuih karipap rm1... sahur would be RM3.5-4.5. Thus, expenses during Ramadhan exceed normal daily expense.

7. Funny. This world is so funny.


  1. ko kena baca Deception Point sama buku satu lagi jugak.

    Deception Point tu buku yang mantapp.

    equally fun dgn buku2 dia yg lain


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