Paediatric Protocol

For medical student, who want to save their life during paediatric posting, during clinic, during bed side teaching, or just simply want to learn on the management of common diseases in Paediatric, well this is the thing that you need. It is called Paediatric protocol for Malaysian Hospital, 2nd edition.

I believe all medical student should have this protocol. It was very nice. I love it so much because it is simple and also small in size so you can carry around when you are wondering around the ward.

It is funny that medical student have their own small book for every posting to put it inside their labcoat. I also got this habit. It is good actually because if i bring a big book in front of a patient, it would inappropriate and make them scared a little bit because they thought that this doctor don't know anything until he need to bring a big book to refer. Most uneducated patient look at medical student as a doctor. they could not differentiate them.

So i guess when i'm doing medicine posting, i would bring Oxford handbook of clinical medicine around. When i am doing surgical posting, i would bring that short notes on surgery or there is one book consist of exam questions on surgery. If i am doing ONG posting, i would bring that book by Prof Kulentran Arumugam, approach to Obstetric for undergraduate. In paediatric, paediatric protocol. It was like every posting have their own mini book. hehe..

Anyway, this protocol is nice. it cost only RM15 original version. How to get it... well, i just went to Likas Hospital and ask from Dr.Terrence for it.


Nice book.


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