Stupid Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Dozens of Malaysian Muslims paraded Friday with the head of a cow, a sacred animal in Hinduism, in a dramatic protest against the proposed construction of a Hindu temple in their neighborhood.

The unusual protest by some 50 people in Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor state, raises new fears of racial tensions in this multiethnic Muslim-majority country where Hindus comprise about 7 percent of the 27 million population.

The demonstrators who marched from a nearby mosque after Friday prayers dumped the cow head outside the gates of the state government headquarters. Selangor adjoins Kuala Lumpur. - Taken from The Associated Press. Full story on

One word. Stupid. Two word very stupid. Three words go to hell.

I was really surprise on this incident. What is going on their mind when they demonstrated like a hoodlum, claiming they are muslim in Ramadhan months where all muslim are asked to do good things and pray more, fast, and make sure they resist from doing negative thing like this.

Even though we cannot classify this people as a muslim, but doing thing with the name of muslim make me feel ashamed of myself, my own religion, my own race, my own country. I hope that someone could arrest those 50 people, put them in jailed, and silently kill them one by one. I am being too dramatic here. Even though we did not have to kill them, just make them learn their lesson.

If i can ask for an apology then i would ask forgiveness from my hindu friends for this troublesome incident. If we can captured those 50 people, let us together torchure them with a happy smile on our face.


  1. analogi macam orang kafir buang kepala babi kat masjid lah!


    sungguh bodoh orang-orang itu.

    bukan kah "bagiku agama ku, bagimu agama mu?"


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