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Those times...

I do not know what to say but i know that i am so busy nowadays in my final year in medical school. Even if i am not, i always think about it. There is no more thing such as free time because when i was free, i would become a little afraid. Afraid that why i am so free... I need to fill my time with everything that i need to know for the coming exam and my future career.

It is true that after 2012, hospital in Malaysia would be too crowded with house officer. Trainee doctor. So i heard that they are limiting the number of intake of new graduate from medical school. It is a bad news but luckily i am graduating next year so i hope i still have a place to do my housemenship.

Where should i go?

it was a clear set in my mind to my housemenship in Kota Kinabalu. However, i am now still revising and thinking of it. Sarawak is in my consideration right now but i still did not have the right point to go there. But i am sure that Sabah and sarawak is the place where i want to work later.

Sometimes i think too much until i cannot go to sleep. It is funny because i am still studying and this matter should not be discussed this early but time seems to flow very fast nowadays. maybe when i close my eyes i would already holding a case note and a hundreds order behind me as a house officer. So fast until we cannot appreciate most of our time today.

I miss the time where i went to class at 8.00 am in the morning and went back to my hostel at 4.00 pm in the evening and doing some simple assigment in the weekend. The time when me and my roomate always have plenty of time to do crazy stuff.

Now such time is gone. Everyday i went to the hospital and i would always expect that i will reach my hostel at 5-6 pm and this is consider early. And went back with no more atp to spare to do crazy stuff. Those energy need to be conserved to read hundred of pages before i can go to sleep.

Everyday i spent more than 5 hours of standing. standing during clerking, standing during bed side. clinical years are quite tiring.

However, it was interesting. I guess. But still i miss my pre-clinical years. haha.

What is done is done. What is gone is gone. Looking forward to the future. I should be smiling standing.


  1. waah. seramnya, limiting in recruitment?
    mane tak, smua org nak jadi doktor. semua org dpt jadi doktor. (including me kot)
    aku lulus insyaAllah 2011, kalau ada rezeki ada lahh.


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