Three Cups of Tea

A title of a book. Three Cups of Tea.

It is a very simple book to read. The story is about how a man give up his normal life as a medical nurse and sold everything he had just to build a school in Pakistan. It was really inspiring. How can a human like that exist in this world. Just to provide education to a rural area in Pakistan, he would leave his wife and children, live in a car, live with no money, just to give others education.

Through out the book, i found that not only him exist, there are others, teachers in pakistan, afghanistan and other middle east country who only get 1 dollar salary for a month to teach local children. And most of them did not get any salary at all. However, they still teach because what they want to create is a better and peace world.

Lot of people nowadays did not do their job because of the benefit to others but mostly benefit to themselves. But we could not blame those people because people have their need. So salary and good income is a need to everyone on planet earth. However, the intention is what important in everything that we do.

As i speak with a specialist medical doctor during my elective posting, he described on how hard a doctor job is from 6 am until 10 pm everyday and even sometimes 48 hours non stop. And how little doctor in Malaysia received every months. He asked students to give up medicine.

However, he mentioned the point of his story. The point is that becoming a d0ctor is not about the salary. it is about intention to serve others.

A professor once told us that we can expect and hope for a good income when becoming a doctor but stressed to us that we must have that intention to treat people.

So intention is the most important thing in our work. What is our intention everyday when we start our day?

No matter how difficult the job is, if we have the right intention, we would do it. Our life is for others to benefit.


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