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Kena Tindih

I was hearing a friend describing seriously regarding her experienced on 'kena tindih', a common condition where people said that a ghost was lying or whatever it do on top of you making you unable to move and breathlessness. I am hearing this kind of story since i was a kid, from almost everyone, and even myself experienced it occasionally and i do know what does it feel and how distress you are during that attack. For many years, I was convinced that this is caused by syaitan, ghost and demons. Reciting koranic verses will chase those thing away and will make the problem disappear. Honestly, I want to ask everyone who read this (muslim), how many times when you recite koranic verses and the problem immediately go away? It would not. Until you are totally panicked and after a few minutes then it will go away. Why? Do i not believed in the power of koranic verses? No. I do believe. But this is the problem. KENA TINDIH DOES NOT EXIST OR IT DOES NOT ASSOCIATE WITH DEVIL, GHOST O


1. As a medical student, everytime i went back to my hometown for holiday, it does not mean that i can run from medicine. I do feel like i want to run away for a week from medicine but i just can't. 2. even in holiday, there are family member who would ask me some question regarding their sign and symptoms and it is more difficult than the exam question where your answer would be rejected if it is false, but with your family, no one will say you are wrong. You are always right. But what if you are wrong? I guess i am liar if i answer it wrong. I'l like committing a sin. 3. So i try to answer the best that i could. For every symptoms, i would go for the simplest diagnosis that i can make. For example, if someone ask me about headache, i would say it may be due to stress, maybe migraine, and so on before getting to meningitis or encephalitis, tumor and everything. I don't want to make them afraid. 4. So it is like exam huh..! I would be ready for everything. Ask me a question

Now the symbol has been found. ( The Lost symbol)

1. Finally the sequence of the Da vinci code was here on earth. haha. I do not know that Da vinci will have a sequence after such criticism and contreversy a few yaers ago. But it would be a waste if the life of Robert Langdon stop after he found the tomb of mary magdalene. 2. Now the lost symbol finally in stores. However i do not have money to buy it. damn. So expensive for the hard cover. I should stick to my routine buying the paperback cover which will cost me around RM36-RM39. 3. However, i hate when others already complete reading that book. i don't want people to tell me the story before i read it. I need to read it, and i need to read it quickly. 4. I love dan brown book so much. Compare to other book, well, i did not anticipate maybe the sequel to to Ps i love you... no. But i anticipate the sequel to The da vinci code. haha. 5. Other than Harry potter, i guess dan brown's Robert langdon's adventure was fascinating and unchildish. I did'

UMS Medical School

1. Wow. It has been 4 years and ++ i'm in UMS medical school. What a life. I still clearly remember when i enter this school, a lot of critics were given to it until sometimes i feel so ashamed of being in this school. 2. however, spending 4 years (now i;m in final year) in this medical school, teach me a lot of thing. The important thing is, to be yourself, and to be proud on everything you do. And of course it also teach me medicine.. 3. Some of the people do not like UMS medical school and trying to bring it down. I am not really clear on what basis they want to do that. I guess, if there is a school that want to provide good education to the people especially people here in Sabah, i guess they need to support it and trying to bring it down will bring no benefit to anyone. Let us just say, if during my earlier day in this school, suddenly it was closed on demand of those people, where should i go? And where should the other 100+ student go. Do they realize that they are destroyi

Medical School Examination

So today is my exam on obstetric/gyanecology/neonatal/paeds medicine senior posting. It is always fun to write on the paper the word "senior". haha. Now i am already a senior. have to admit that.  Whatever whatever. So today is my first final year posting exam. I am so glad that the question was not that hard after all. Even though there is some question that o could not answer. Not because the question is difficult, but because it was too easy. Do you ever encounter with this kind of situation when you study so hard on difficult thing, then suddenly an easy question came out and you don't know what to answer. I do. I study hard on a lot of thing, on the management of ovarian cancer, management of pv bleeding, management of abnormal deliveries, PIH, Pre Eclampsia, but then a question directly asking me the classification of ovarian cancer, i could not answer it. I did answer it because i know the FIGO staging have that kind of classification which is similar to other ca

Labuan Water Issues

LABUAN, Sept 5 (Bernama) -- Labuan's water woes will be a thing of the past when an undersea water pipeline from Beaufort Sabah costing RM365 million is completed by the end of next year. What a relieved. But i believe this year aidilfitri, people in Labuan will suffer a dramatic deficiency of water. It will be terrible. Even my family said that maybe this year, there will be now Open house since water problem is so severe in labuan. But it was a relieved to hear that goverment are doing something ( or at least promise something to the citizen). Is this a political agenda? We will see it later. I hope next year, the long suffering of Labuanese since 10 years ago willl dissapear. Anyway, i am taking my end posting senior exam for Obs, Gynae, Neonatolgy and Pediatric this monday. i'm so stressful right now. HIV Issue Do you realize that sometime people say that HIV is good for punishment for those who commit sin (eg: pre-marital sex). This is total rubbish. No disease is created