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Kena Hysteria

Hysteria. It is difficult to understand. What is hysteria actually? Is it really cause by demons or ghost? We don't know. What we know is, it is one of the topic that is difficult to understand in psychiatry. Do you know that hysteria came from the word hystera which is related to uterus. It is intially describe only spesifically only to women. A disease of women. Maybe because man does not really affected and uncommonly experience hysteria. However, there is reported cases of male getting hysteria even though it is uncommon. Compare to other 'demonic' or ghostly story i've heard, hysteria is the most hard subject to be doubted. If you doubt, a lot of people would say difference so called evidences to make you believe. So most of people believe that hysteria is really caused by ghost. A friend seriously and try to make me believe in hysteria. There is no scientific explanation can explain hysteria according to her. However, i am a skeptic, yet also a believer. But i

Hantu Hindu Islam

Read history. Then we will be very clear that Islam did not exist from the beginning of our early society. Hinduism is the first to come to our country in fact almost all southeast asia country. The unlimited effort of muslim missionary and merchant hundreds years ago brought with them a new religion which is so beautiful and attract most of the people in this region. Our ancestors had a mass conversion to Islam after that. Sultan and leader of society conversion also contribute to the mass conversion of the early community in this country. However, after hundreds years Hindu has established in this region, can Islam came and simply eradicate the ritual and belief brought by Hindu religion? The answer is not really. In fact, most of our custom and tradition nowadays are adapted from Hinduism. Take Wedding ceremony for example. It is adapted from hinduism but we mix and match it with Islam teaching so that it can be practiced until today. Islam is very flexible in every way. As long

Kena Santau

I am planning to write regarding odd believe in our society for 4 chapters however, i guess i could not make it. 2 parts is very hard for me to write. Time is so restricted nowadays. Ok, this part supposed to called Kena Tindih 2 but i guess 'tindih' does not correlates with this second entry. So i called it Kena santau. I was hearing a friend saying with a serious tone regarding santau... I, too, was very serious because this issues is never a myth for me. I've experienced it. Not me. But it happen to my beloved mother around 10 years ago maybe. I could not remember the exact date. I was in primary school at that time. Lots of people in this world live in jealousy. Some are healthy, some are not. To make it worse, most of people live negatively thinking that someone always want to talk and do bad thing to himself or herself. So, because of this, the story begin. I don't know why, but the 'bomoh' who cured my mother said that the people who did 'santau&#

Kena Tindih

I was hearing a friend describing seriously regarding her experienced on 'kena tindih', a common condition where people said that a ghost was lying or whatever it do on top of you making you unable to move and breathlessness. I am hearing this kind of story since i was a kid, from almost everyone, and even myself experienced it occasionally and i do know what does it feel and how distress you are during that attack. For many years, I was convinced that this is caused by syaitan, ghost and demons. Reciting koranic verses will chase those thing away and will make the problem disappear. Honestly, I want to ask everyone who read this (muslim), how many times when you recite koranic verses and the problem immediately go away? It would not. Until you are totally panicked and after a few minutes then it will go away. Why? Do i not believed in the power of koranic verses? No. I do believe. But this is the problem. KENA TINDIH DOES NOT EXIST OR IT DOES NOT ASSOCIATE WITH DEVIL, GH

My hand's hurt.

I've injured myleft hand by doing some heavy lifting exerise without proper warming up. The pain is so terrible i could not straighten my hand right now. Biceps muscle so hard and tense for a day. It make my life difficult. Difficult to put on shirt. Difficult to drive. Difficult to take something even books. Difficult performing prayers. Now i know why people always said and told us to do proper warming up before doing anything. The reason is, when we do warming up, our muscle and joint would become more lax and well prepared with sufficient energy generated by ATP and some ions such as calcium and whatever, everything will be prepared and ready to be used durin our exercise. I even read in my first year of study that doing some warming up exercise will increase oxygen supply to the muscle and thus prohibit formation of execessive lactic acid in the muscle that make you feel muscle sore after doing some exercise. I guess not only during exercise, almost everything you need a

What Happen in My second day of Raya

I want to write something regarding this topic.Regarding what happen in my second day of raya. But i just can't. I don't know why. My hand is numb and my brain is hazy. Why? Is this because of my tiring journey from Labuan to KK today? ( I took a ferry from labuan at 7.30, with delay, arrive at menumbok at 10.30. Then took bus from Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu, with heavy traffic during raya celebration, the bus manage to arrive at 2.30 pm. Then i have to walk to Terminal wawasan to save 50 cent bus fee and there i took a bus to UMS. Arrived at UMS at 4.30 because the bus won't leaved until it was full. And there is no other bus around. Other bus 'cuti raya').  I was very tired. Tired. Sore. I slept for 1 hours when i arrived at UMS. I woke up with a simple message in my phone SMS: Tomorrow 9 am clinical block HQE got meeting.  That message not only gave me the information about the meeting but also gave me the idea of  I am starting my new posting tomorrow and i am

Nak Duit raya..

What happen in my first day of Raya? Well, i woke up early this morning to perform Raya's prayer. I guess this is the main event of the day. The second event is to visit cemetery. Other than that, eat whatever prepared by my mother in the kitchen. Watch TV all day long. Some of my aunt were coming to my house. Come then leave. Nothing interesting happen this day. I guess i was too old to celebrate Raya with blossom time of mood. I use to call my home as a 'haunted' home since not many children dare to come to my house during Raya. But then, today there is a few kids came and as usual, asking for duit raya ( ang pow in chinese but Malay also used to call it Angpau. 1Malaysia eh). I am thinking, is this tradition a good tradition? Asking people for money? begging for money? Money without any effort. Just came and beg for it. I guess it is not. However, according to my father, it is charity. We gave money to the children as charity. That is the good aspect of this tradit

My first time...

First time of what? well, today is my first time baking my first cake in my life. Just a basic marble cake. Look like marble. Very easy. It was the basic of every cake made in this world. Well, i would say that i don't like pastry, i don't like bakery. I like to cook not baking. but somehow i think that baking could be essential. Know everything a bit better than knowing nothing at all. It was a success. haha. The taste... i guess it would be nice because i did not forget to put sugar in it. So it will be sweet. Sweet means nice. Haha. Tomorrow is Raya, everyone is looking forward to hear mohor2 raja mengumumkan later this evening. I don't know what is 'mohor' in english.. Lazy to open up the dictionary. all right. The end result is.... I've baked my own cake. haha...

Shopping For Raya

Well raya is ultimately a shopping season. Everyone don't mind to spend hundreds and thousand ringgits for raya. It does not matter, only once a year. Setahun hanya sekali . People warned in the TV, there are even TV commercials stating that people should not membazir (wasted) their money during this once a year festival. the question is, which one should we followed? Should we spend little and celebrate raya with what we have only? Or we spend a little bit more so that we can enjoy this festival. What if people did not go shopping and just sit down and eat those ikan goreng or ikan rebus with nasi during pagi raya (the first hari raya morning)? Can that be called celebration? Or should they wear t-shirt or last 5 years baju kurung and baju melayu? Would they feel the mood of Raya? I guess, sometimes, we need to spend more during this festive season and for once, ignore those stereotype voices asking us to save our money. What is wrong is to spend money to show off to people


1. As a medical student, everytime i went back to my hometown for holiday, it does not mean that i can run from medicine. I do feel like i want to run away for a week from medicine but i just can't. 2. even in holiday, there are family member who would ask me some question regarding their sign and symptoms and it is more difficult than the exam question where your answer would be rejected if it is false, but with your family, no one will say you are wrong. You are always right. But what if you are wrong? I guess i am liar if i answer it wrong. I'l like committing a sin. 3. So i try to answer the best that i could. For every symptoms, i would go for the simplest diagnosis that i can make. For example, if someone ask me about headache, i would say it may be due to stress, maybe migraine, and so on before getting to meningitis or encephalitis, tumor and everything. I don't want to make them afraid. 4. So it is like exam huh..! I would be ready for everything. Ask me a quest

Blog for Fun

1. People ask me " why do you blog?". My answer is "for fun". 2. You know it has been almost 7 years i've been blogging. Since the day when people does not know what blog is. Even i did not know what blog is at that time. I just simply create a page of mine and write something. Then i go write and write. I changed my page site. From to friendster blog now blogspot. 3. I don't have particular reason to blog. I don't do it for the sake of money from advertisement, neither to collect as many fan to read it. I just love to write. It is fun. 4. Until today... i've write more than 200 entries in my blog...

Now the symbol has been found. ( The Lost symbol)

1. Finally the sequence of the Da vinci code was here on earth. haha. I do not know that Da vinci will have a sequence after such criticism and contreversy a few yaers ago. But it would be a waste if the life of Robert Langdon stop after he found the tomb of mary magdalene. 2. Now the lost symbol finally in stores. However i do not have money to buy it. damn. So expensive for the hard cover. I should stick to my routine buying the paperback cover which will cost me around RM36-RM39. 3. However, i hate when others already complete reading that book. i don't want people to tell me the story before i read it. I need to read it, and i need to read it quickly. 4. I love dan brown book so much. Compare to other book, well, i did not anticipate maybe the sequel to to Ps i love you... no. But i anticipate the sequel to The da vinci code. haha. 5. Other than Harry potter, i guess dan brown's Robert langdon's adventure was fascinating and unchildish. I did&

UMS Medical School

1. Wow. It has been 4 years and ++ i'm in UMS medical school. What a life. I still clearly remember when i enter this school, a lot of critics were given to it until sometimes i feel so ashamed of being in this school. 2. however, spending 4 years (now i;m in final year) in this medical school, teach me a lot of thing. The important thing is, to be yourself, and to be proud on everything you do. And of course it also teach me medicine.. 3. Some of the people do not like UMS medical school and trying to bring it down. I am not really clear on what basis they want to do that. I guess, if there is a school that want to provide good education to the people especially people here in Sabah, i guess they need to support it and trying to bring it down will bring no benefit to anyone. Let us just say, if during my earlier day in this school, suddenly it was closed on demand of those people, where should i go? And where should the other 100+ student go. Do they realize that they are destro

Lucky to Fast

I guess no one is fasting on my way from KK to Menumbok to Labuan. All around me people are eating, buying food, maggi, snack, nasi lemak.. why everyone is eating? Are not we in Ramadhan Month. Maybe they are not muslim. But, wait, are not Malaysia supposed to be a country where there is a majority of it's people are muslim? Okay, let's be fair, half-half. So i am supposed to see half of the people are eating and half of them are fasting. No, that is not the situation. Everyone is eating except me. I don't know why. maybe they are musafir... i don't know. Maybe. However, i always think that no one is really practicing their religion nowadays. It does not matter what religion you are. We are more to liberalism, secularism, freedom, and independent. Pros and cons are there.

A year

Yes. It has been a year.... i was afraid that it would not last for long. but it is already a year. It is a proof to all the haters who want us down. For those who think that we are wrong, and a year has pass. I can last for long. A year just a first step. A first step but a big smack to the face of unsupporter.  For those who gave a warm support and jokes, it was very nice of you all. I will do the same thing for ya'll. I always be fair for those who are fair to me..  Now came the next year to reach 2 year... this one would be hard but i always have a plan for everything. I will. 

Bila Jam

1. No one at home today. Everyone is on the road. Driving, and jamming the road all the way to Kota Kinabalu. It is like a trap. Once you enter the city, you won't be able to get out from it... at least for the next 1 hour. It was terrible. What happen? Are they celebrity in KK performing? Or someone is giving free food or money?  No. No free food, no money, no celebrity, but something that is more powerful than that. Sale!  From 50% TO 70% discount from almost every store in KK, in 1borneo, in City Mall, in every shop in in Malaysia. Hari Raya sale is coming again. This mean more crowding people and more traffic jam.  2. I'm not going to the city for the sale. I'm just sending my girlfriend to the airport. And i am not excluded from the 'trap'. I was trap. Half day on the road. It make me sick. I was angry without any reason, and my head is spinning. I'm cursing in my heart all the way long. Luckily i was out after around 2 hours and i feel like myself again.

Boycott Facebook

Now another issues arise. Facebook is supporting Israel. So we all need to boycott facebook.  I guess Muslim is getting more and more like Taoisme nowadays. Rejecting all the technology while still ignorant to learn to become advance like other.  A friend of mine, asking me, " If Islam is really the best and true religion in this world, then why Muslim country is no good than other non-muslim country? They are far behind in technology and economy?" I have my own answer on this but you all can answer it by yourself. Ask yourself why are we left behind?  The answer for that you keep for yourselves and i keep for myself. The point that i want to highlight is Muslim is not a country. It is a religion. America is not a muslim country yet have 7 million muslim if i am not mistaken. Even in Muslim country, there will always have other religion living side by side. I don't know why people believe in idea of a country for one religion or one race only. Nothing as such exist, exce

Afraid of what?

1. Just finish my OSCE exam. So hard. Compare to MEQ, MCQ and Essay (eventhough my prof said that she dissapointed with our performance in those 3 papers). Especially the paediatric parts. I don't know what to say. I almost give up when i cannot write a single corect diagnosis for that abnormal baby foot appearance. I think it is Hip disclocation. But by just looking at that picture, i could not really tell. Could be talipes, could be oedema of the leg. Aigo.  2. Hari Raya is just around the corner. I am so anticipating Hari raya. However, I do not think that Hari raya will ever be the same as when we are young. During that time, Hari raya was so happening. Like flowers blossoming and the sun shine it light beautifully, comfort wind blowing, smile in everyone face..... Hari raya nowadays are more to, a day rest. Yeah, i guess i only have one day holiday for Hari Raya. Although, i have one week pre-hari raya holiday. That was nice. I can get a rest for one week. Away from hospital a

Medical School Examination

So today is my exam on obstetric/gyanecology/neonatal/paeds medicine senior posting. It is always fun to write on the paper the word "senior". haha. Now i am already a senior. have to admit that.  Whatever whatever. So today is my first final year posting exam. I am so glad that the question was not that hard after all. Even though there is some question that o could not answer. Not because the question is difficult, but because it was too easy. Do you ever encounter with this kind of situation when you study so hard on difficult thing, then suddenly an easy question came out and you don't know what to answer. I do. I study hard on a lot of thing, on the management of ovarian cancer, management of pv bleeding, management of abnormal deliveries, PIH, Pre Eclampsia, but then a question directly asking me the classification of ovarian cancer, i could not answer it. I did answer it because i know the FIGO staging have that kind of classification which is similar to other ca

Labuan Water Issues

LABUAN, Sept 5 (Bernama) -- Labuan's water woes will be a thing of the past when an undersea water pipeline from Beaufort Sabah costing RM365 million is completed by the end of next year. What a relieved. But i believe this year aidilfitri, people in Labuan will suffer a dramatic deficiency of water. It will be terrible. Even my family said that maybe this year, there will be now Open house since water problem is so severe in labuan. But it was a relieved to hear that goverment are doing something ( or at least promise something to the citizen). Is this a political agenda? We will see it later. I hope next year, the long suffering of Labuanese since 10 years ago willl dissapear. Anyway, i am taking my end posting senior exam for Obs, Gynae, Neonatolgy and Pediatric this monday. i'm so stressful right now. HIV Issue Do you realize that sometime people say that HIV is good for punishment for those who commit sin (eg: pre-marital sex). This is total rubbish. No disease is cr

Malaysia and Indonesia ; Kids who don't want to share.

ndonesia's often-prickly relations with neighbouring Malaysia are being tested by a fresh dispute over traditional cultural heritage. A Malaysian tourism commercial aired on Discovery Channel has sparked an uproar in Indonesia because it featured a traditional Balinese dance called 'Pendet'. Indonesians vented their anger over the perceived cultural piracy on Internet forums and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, many calling Malaysia a "nation of thieves." A firebrand legislator urged the government to declare war on the neighbouring country. Despite sharing ethnic, cultural and religious identities, Indonesia and Malaysia - both predominantly Muslim - have been embroiled in occasional disputes over matters such the treatment of migrant workers, territorial disputes and, more recently, cultural icons - Source: Ahmad Panthoni Sep 09. __________ So upset. thinking that Both of us share the same blood and race as malay,