Afraid of what?

1. Just finish my OSCE exam. So hard. Compare to MEQ, MCQ and Essay (eventhough my prof said that she dissapointed with our performance in those 3 papers). Especially the paediatric parts. I don't know what to say. I almost give up when i cannot write a single corect diagnosis for that abnormal baby foot appearance. I think it is Hip disclocation. But by just looking at that picture, i could not really tell. Could be talipes, could be oedema of the leg. Aigo. 

2. Hari Raya is just around the corner. I am so anticipating Hari raya. However, I do not think that Hari raya will ever be the same as when we are young. During that time, Hari raya was so happening. Like flowers blossoming and the sun shine it light beautifully, comfort wind blowing, smile in everyone face..... Hari raya nowadays are more to, a day rest. Yeah, i guess i only have one day holiday for Hari Raya. Although, i have one week pre-hari raya holiday. That was nice. I can get a rest for one week. Away from hospital and all those clinical stuff. 

3. My target is to taste every different bazaar ramadhan here in KK. However, i guess one month is not enough for me, plus i got to do some more works for my study. So, until now, i only taste 3 different bazaar around KK. And i don't have more time to wonder around before going back to Labuan this weekend. 

4. Politically, i heard a lot of stuff happening here around Malaysia. I don't like to involved in politics, somehow, i can see that both side of Malaysian politics now are useless. Both have their own agenda but still mentioning that they do everything for the people, rakyat. I guess not. For example, if PAS want to make Malaysia an islamic country, non-muslim opposed it. When DAP want Malaysia to be secular, did he consider the majority of muslim in Malaysia. And when BN come, it is a total gibberish. haha. So everyone is trying to get a piece. But we cannot break malaysia into pieces. i guess, we need to replace all the politician here in malaysia with a very fresh new one. U know, when a young member recruited into a party today, he will learn from the senior, and later he became like the senior, then no changes. I guess, we are still waiting for an individual who can really change malaysia, and i am postiive that someone will do that later. We don't know. maybe that person has not been born yet. 

5. Religously, there are a lot of religous basterd around us. We can make a movie about that, titled "Religious basterd". What are religous basterd in my perspective? Those people who use religion to sell their product. Most of the product are traditional medicine. It was so disgusting. Did Ibn Sina and other older Muslim scholar and scientist promote a non evidence based theory just by using Islam to sell their idea? No, most of them study so hard until their theory and idea remains until today. Maybe if Ibn Sina said leprosy can be cured by medication i create only from pure water with glucose and some prayer, maybe it works, by God Will, but Ibn Sina did not do that i guess. All other muslim and muslimah scientist would not do that kind of stuff. 

We are a religion of knowledge and not only religion by ritual. We learn our religion and not only by thinking of it. We have books, we have knowledge from God in the form of books and other forms of knowledge such as our enviroment itself. So what we do is to study all of this, and make any product from it. Do we need to say this product is blessed because  it was created by muslim and by the manafacturer prayer, it will do everything. 

Enough said, some basterd are still there around us and don't trust this people. 

6. Islam have an idea of making a country where all religion can live in it. Obvious. It was stated in the history how Medina was created by Prophet Muhammad p.b.uh. Did all muslim inside that country? No, there is christian and jews. Did christian and jew gor discriminated until they need to change Medina to secular country before they can unite with other people? No. They can do their stuff. They only need to acknowledge that Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h as the leader of that country and pay some taxes. Muslim also pay zakat. So same thing. 

However, most of people were so scared of forming a Muslim country nowadays. for them the peaceful country is America, Britain, Singapore, and not Afghanistan, not iraq, not Iran. This is what is so wrong about a muslim country. Afghanistan, iraq and every muslim country that you see in the TV, is a country by nature and  not by religion. Medina did not have bomb and mass of destruction weapon (that time maybe in the form of sword or horse or more sword). What they have is only a peaceful country where all the citizen are protecting and ready to die for their country. 

So thinking of creating a secular country, does not really appropriate for Muslim. However, it could be the agenda for non-muslim, not their fault, they scared to get canned for drinking beer maybe ( did not realize that muslim punishment is for muslim only). If the law is appropriate for a Muslim, then do it. But if it is not, for example prohibitng women to work or go to school, so maybe not. To prohibit women to wear make up, maybe not. To prohibit man and women to talk and sit in the same place, maybe not. But what approriate can be done. Canning for drinking beer, i am the number one supporter. Please do it in my hometown so that no more crime associated with alcohol can happen. 

7. The funny thing is, if a non-muslim scared of forming a muslim country in Malaysia.... why Muslims that are panic? They are screaming, they are afraid. Of what?


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