Boycott Facebook

Now another issues arise. Facebook is supporting Israel. So we all need to boycott facebook. 

I guess Muslim is getting more and more like Taoisme nowadays. Rejecting all the technology while still ignorant to learn to become advance like other. 

A friend of mine, asking me, " If Islam is really the best and true religion in this world, then why Muslim country is no good than other non-muslim country? They are far behind in technology and economy?"

I have my own answer on this but you all can answer it by yourself. Ask yourself why are we left behind? 

The answer for that you keep for yourselves and i keep for myself. The point that i want to highlight is Muslim is not a country. It is a religion. America is not a muslim country yet have 7 million muslim if i am not mistaken. Even in Muslim country, there will always have other religion living side by side. I don't know why people believe in idea of a country for one religion or one race only. Nothing as such exist, except for Israel i guess. Special case for that. 

If we are acting like we don't want to watch our brother and sister get killed in Palestine, then why do we sleep at night or watching TV or spending our money for Hari raya and maybe go to Bazaar ramadhan and buy food for our family. Why do we live like the way we do today if we really want to take action? 

Do you ever ask, how much money do we gave to our brother and sister in Palestine? 


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