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Read history. Then we will be very clear that Islam did not exist from the beginning of our early society. Hinduism is the first to come to our country in fact almost all southeast asia country.

The unlimited effort of muslim missionary and merchant hundreds years ago brought with them a new religion which is so beautiful and attract most of the people in this region. Our ancestors had a mass conversion to Islam after that. Sultan and leader of society conversion also contribute to the mass conversion of the early community in this country.

However, after hundreds years Hindu has established in this region, can Islam came and simply eradicate the ritual and belief brought by Hindu religion? The answer is not really. In fact, most of our custom and tradition nowadays are adapted from Hinduism.

Take Wedding ceremony for example. It is adapted from hinduism but we mix and match it with Islam teaching so that it can be practiced until today. Islam is very flexible in every way. As long as it does not distort our belief in one God which is Allah, then it is ok.

However, many other tradition based on Hindu teaching was dump by our society as we are getting more educated on separating Hindu and real islam.

Alas, there is some thing that cannot be deleted from our people regarding Hindu teaching in fact, most of us does not know that this is from hinduism and not Islam. We are already perfectly blend with it. This is regarding ghost.

Islam when it came to us from Prophet Muhammad, never mention that there is a ghost in this world, or a dead can be rise to life as ghost, or some place have their own spirit or ghost. never mention anywhere in Islam books except that from our own region where Islam was mixed with hinduism. All this believe was brought by the influence of Hindu religion that established long time before islam came.

Strangely, we can separate some hindu teaching from Islam but not this one. It is becaming inseparable for now and surely in the future. No one can eradicate this.

From what i've read in a book regarding Islam civilisation and movement in Southeast asia, even though this belief is from hindu but as long as we still belief that God is superior to everything and we use Islam method to chase away the ghost, then the author said that nothing can be done. Unless someone is 'menyimpang' from Islam teaching then it would be reconsidered. But for now, no one can separate this.

I am not attempting to try to separate it, i am just a mere young person who is conscious enough to realize it and i am in no position to change it. I just attracted to the interesting fact of it.

If Islam never teach us regarding ghost, then why do every one believe in such thing?

What mentioned in Islam is regarding devils and jinn but never mentioned in Islam that this two entity can harm 'anak adam' @ human. They are trying to divert us but not to eat, bite, or kill us.

So, what to do? Nothing. This is the biggest mass delusion ever. Fixed belief. cannot do anything.

However, i hope that more people who are educated will later somehow, did not teach or pass their fixed belief to their children. I guess children can move forward much more if they did not believe in ghost or such thing. Trust me, they will. Look how many person here in our country afraid to walk at night, or do any activity at night because they afraid of ghost. Look at how many who does not dare to explore because of their concern of jinn and spirit of the jungle. We are restricted with this beliefs.

I guess, our grandma said that there is ghost at night just to make sure that we did not walk alone at night because it could be dangerous. dangerous as maybe there is kidnapper,serial killer or rapist. But this wrong teaching will cause long term effect. Not only children but up to the age of 25 or even 30, this children will be afraid.

So why do we believe in Ghost if our prophet Muhammad never mentioned it, and God's word in Koran never ever mention about ghost?

well, i don't know.

p/s: What about the ghost that i have seen in during my boarding school? Are they not ghost? Is Islam missing something ( does it forget to mention about Ghost?). Think about it, i guess the answer lied within our own brain. Should i talk about how interesting a person with Schizophrenia? They saw weird thing, They was ghost. They saw god. But everything was just a hallucination. it would be a very long paragraph if i want to talk about hallucination. But it does explain everything. Our brain explain everything that is unexplainable.

Our brain also unexplainable. If you think your brain is yours... you are wrong because your brain owns you. Scary.


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